Light Clay Day!


What is “Light Clay” construction?

Come to our building party and find out! You’ll see how we built a wood framed structure which we will be insulating with a mixture of a clay slurry and wood chips. We mix the slip and chips together in a big machine that looks like Dr. Seuss must have invented it and place the muddy mixture into the walls, creating a vapor permeable insulation layer ready to receive clay plasters. The end result is a healthy, modern home for conscious people to live in! Continue reading

Natural Beekeeping 101

beekeeping 101This class offers an introduction to the intricacy of the ancient honeybee. Learn the basics of beekeeping and cycles of a beehive, explore natural methods of management and various hive structures, creating pollinator garden design complete with plant lists, How to harvest honey from natural comb and how to process bee products such as propolis,honey,wax and pollen. We will sweeten you up with a honey tasting and weather permitting an observation hive. “Bee The Change”

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Christina Yahn has been pioneering methods of beekeeping in the Kootenay mountains of Canada for over 5 years.Her natural approach to beekeeping offers a unique view into the realm of honey bees, their relationship to the environment and to ourselves.She offers a broad perspective from her training in conventional beekeeping to her experience as a “natural or instinctive” bee stewart.With more than 14 years of organic farming, gardening and distilling experience Christina highlights the interconnected relationship between plants, pollinators and us!

Christina’s passion for the ancient honey bee has become a life-long one dedicating herself to speaking on behalf of the bees with her advocacy work.

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The festival + forum are both just around the corner! Get you tickets now so we can ensure there is enough amazing local seasonal organic food for everyone!

FESTIVAL + FEAST [Saturday April 5 @ Selkirk] This full day conference will feature dozens of inspiring expert speakers from near and far, the Lexicon of Sustainability art show (a 20 piece info-graphic photography show, image example attached below), food films, action fair, workshops, a Kootenay-Made food marketplace, and our very own “grass-FED Talks” theater presentation. A mid-day organic local seasonal feast will be served to attendee’s.

This festival will be the largest food conference the region has ever seen; a true celebration of local food! All proceeds from the event go into a bursary fund for developing grassroots initiatives to build our food system.

FORUM + FEAST [Sunday April 6 @ the Hume] This is the stakeholders event, a strategic solutions based, action-driven facilitated day, aimed at bringing together the region’s experts on food, economy, planning, education, and logistics. It is open to anyone who works in food or economy building, but space is limited to 150 people, so folks who are keen to participate need to buy tickets ASAP! The day will feature another delicious, organic, and local seasonal feast. Participants will have the opportunity to both pitch a project that needs support and to VOTE WITH THEIR FORK, on how the cash bursary will be awarded to projects that address the needs of the community.


Fruit Tree Pruning 101

fruit tree test

FRUIT TREE PRUNING 101: This workshop will be outdoor observing, pruning & talking about a diversity of fruit trees.  We’ll look at care requirements for trees from 2 to 22 years old, different sizes (dwarf, semi-dwarf & standard) & species (Apple, Pear, Asian Pear, Plum, Cherry, etc.).You will learn the basic principles of pruning (why, when, where, how, etc.) & how to minimize pruning in the long run. We can also talk about restoring older neglected trees if people are interested.

Your Instructor: Gregoire Lamoureux, of the Kootenay Permaculture Institute has been pruning fruit trees for over 25 years for both commercial orchards & backyard gardeners. Gregoire’s farm and nursery is home to a large diversity of fruit & nut trees, berry bushes & other perennial plants with a stunning well established poly-culture food forest system. Gregoire is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher.  (Register early + don’t worry, it’s not too late to prune your trees AFTER this class)

The number of participants is limited… So Register now by email!

Class is $45 and runs 12-4pm Saturday March 29