So Where The Heck is Winlaw BC?

Everyone wants to know….

map to winlaw

where is Winlaw?

Winlaw is a sleepy little stop on the highway between Nelson and Nakusp. It’s the perfect small town complete with great food and beer, cozy coffee shops, a natural food store, the perfect school for Mia, some cozy B&B’s , a summer time farmers market, a wonderful book store  and not a whole lot else, except for a outdoor playground we are eager to explore!

Essentially we will be living 35 minutes from Nelson + Kootney Lake.  Winlaw also happens to be about 8 hours from both Calgary and Vancouver, and sits on the little Slocan river just south of the crystal clear Slocan Lake


the beginning

view from the land that may be our new homeOn our very first date well over 5 years ago,  I realized that Dylan and I shared a longing to build a home that would sustain life and a lifestyle that would nurture and  grow with the earth and the mountains we both dreamed of living off. Back then I knew that somewhere sometime in my future I would live off grid and off the land, but I certainly didn’t expect to be forging ahead with this dream so soon in my life!  But here we are… both after just 3 decades on this planet ready to pack up, sell off and ship out our worldly belongings and head for BC’s Kootney Mountain Range, and find the sustainable dream we have talked about night after night since that very first date.

For the last 4 years we have toiled at renovating one space after another, all the while designing and drafting, planning and dreaming up the most low impact, self sustaining, beautiful green home we could. Now with a plan in place, and a place in mind we are 2 accepted offers away from  lovely 8 acre parcel of Winlaw paradise. I just sold my two businesses and our next step is selling our home in Calgary, and finalizing the purchase of the land we are ready to work on and live off!