Saving seeds…

A big part of this adventure ahead will come by way of growing food.

Real – whole – organic – heirloom – non GMO – no spray food!   In this day and age it seems a lot to ask, I know!

As a mother, foodie and consumer I am dedicated to feeding my family only S.O.L.E. foods = Sustainable Organic Local Ethical. I spend a great deal of energy researching producers, talking to local growers and farmers, reading labels and studies, in search of food which I believe possess the least risk to our health and the environment. I know that this criteria seems extreme to many, idealistic and novel to others and ridicules to most, but having spent the past 6 years involved in producing organic and special dietary food for the masses, and being a little more than obsessive about reading and watching documentaries on the state of our food industry today, I can’t help but feel the need to protect my family from the horrors of industrialized food.

Perhaps the biggest driving factor in this move is to become more self sufficient and one large step closer to producing so much more of our very own safe food.

I should start by stating that I am NOT a farm girl… armed with little more than 3 successful Calgary gardening seasons under my belt, I am eagerly looking forward to designing and implementing permaculture techniques into practice on our sunny sloping mountain side plot of land. Each time I taste the first cherry tomato, or pull an early tiny carrot from the soil I find myself overwhelmed with sense of awe and achievement that harvest provides. Our raised back yard garden bed has each season kept us in over abundance and delighting at garden fresh meals and preserves.

I know I have a TON to learn about gardening at this level, but I am thrilled with the results of my challenge to myself this season. I decided as I sowed the garden in May this year that I would learn how to harvest seeds and begin my own seed bank, as a first step toward this sustainable food producing future ahead. Well to my shock and chagrin it was way easier than I had thought, My tidy sorted collection of veggie seeds as well as pretty little unknown species of perennial flowers from our garden, will now travel with us to BC and make a new home in the Slocan. My plan is to grow this seed bank and share and trade seeds with others who practice seed keeping.

We have been reading and researching about Permaculture for some time now, and both Dylan and I plan to take Permaculture Design Certificate Courses this spring in the Kootneys. The brilliant idea of designing food forests which offer huge yield and bounty with very little human maintenance appeal to us and fit so well with our lifestyle ahead. The principals of utilizing free energy sources for multiple purposes, and designing and planning for each structure to benefit another makes for a beautiful symbiosis of our human needs and the wild around us. Here are a very quick You Tube blurbs about the very essences of Permaculture which you too may find inspiration in:

Permaculture Ethics & Design Principle with David Holmgren

Geoff Lawtons’ Permaculture Food Forest

Permaculture Design


4 thoughts on “Saving seeds…

  1. Is the photo at the top of your seed collection?
    If so, that’s a surprising amount of seeds considering how small your residential garden is!

  2. Support you 100%. Your Geoff Lawton link is private, is there a reason for that? Once you get to Youtube it does not allow you to view it.
    Good luck, I am sooooo there with you in spirit and hope that other people start to see how amazing these simple life choices are that make the world a much better place.

    • Thanks so much for our support!
      I will try to get a new Geoff Lawton link up there… not sure why it isn’t working anymore. He has lots of great stuff on youtube.
      one step at a time…

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