making tracks

Wow it has been a while since the last post! The holidays have come and gone, and I have been more focused on food related research, rather than building. I also started a new blog all about sustainable food and cooking, rather than this blog moving that direction I though it best to keep this focused on the land development and building projects, the other will focus on growing food, raising animals, meeting producers and of course eating and cooking! eating with sole (also found on the links panel of this page) is where I have been busy over the last little bit.

Stay posted, as we start working on solar tracking in March, and discussing water catchment and out buildings soon….

There are so many of our friends and family who plan to visit this spring and summer for “working vacations” so we are hoping to get a good bathhouse up for our guest really soon, and hopefully a cozy little structure too. I am planning to add a calendar to this site which will outline when we are doing what, so that those of you interested in specific techniques can use it to co-ordinate your visits.