Mining the city for resources…

Wow we are certainly ramping up our plans these days getting ready for the big move!

Our focus recently  has been acquiring free materials from this big wasteful city! Essentially we are working hard to source usable stuff and  keep it out of the land fill. Last weekend Dylan and and his crew of “stand up goto boys” busted their buts scavenging HUGE window panes and their aluminum frames, along with scaffolding and odds and ends for a soon to be torn down drug store.. making way for the new west line of the LRT.  At the end of two sweaty days we have enough glass to build our newly designed chicken coop green house, and a hobbit hole hid away, along with senic additions for a shipping can micro dwelling. The design of the chicken coop is STUNNING! We’ll get a image and details posted soon.

On the topic of chickens I have stumbled upon a really great lady “chicky vicky” out near Innisvale who breads heirloom and endangered breeds of chickens, so we are going to bring a dozen different birds with us on the move, and Mia is thrilled to get to pick up some of these crazy cute little ladies who will have a sweet little pad to call their own …

The above picture is what is left of the drug store before the dozers hit it!

* I know it has been a while since I have posted (swamped with great food projects and event planning) But next week we’ll be walking our land with the former owner and visiting it for the first time since our purchase, so we’ll have new pics and idea upon our return. and I’ll try to keep this blog alive and eventually we’ll get a calendar posted to give everyone a rough idea of what projects will be under way when, so that folks can plan their “working vacations” and visits easily. We can’t wait to get out there, and host all of our friends and family!

We plan to site out land elevations on this upcoming trip, and start working on our permaculture plans, more on that later too!