Fence Posts & Vineyards Oh My'

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So The big Easter weekend was a whirl-wind of action at our place!

We managed to sleep 10 in the trailer and host 12 for turkey dinner + 3 doggies. We test drove the turkey deep fryer and enjoyed another fabulous organic Winters Turkey! We managed to haul 28 dead trees out of the back bush, and dig 28 treacherous fence holes in bountiful bolder filled clay. The posts were burned and tamped into place and the garden security is well on it’s was. We have a lot of junk to haul away, and on the next trip out (right away) we will address the trailer, it’s horribly dated, dirty, drippy and dodgy and we need to call it home for at least a year so it’s time for some of our magic touches. We really have had to talk our selves up for this one, as it is a really ugly box that needs a good lick of modern clean and sustainable.

After a week of trailer touch ups, we will get back onto the garden matter. The plan is to sheet mulch about 1/3 of the whopping 6000 sq ft garden, dig 1 swale, and then ground cover the remaining 2/3 of the garden with a diverse mix of oats, clover, barley grass and beans! Along with a XL plot of heirloom garlic varieties. There is a couple years of crazy long grass growth that has taken over the plot so the above methods are my plans to both combat the grass and inject some nutrients into the soil.  Next year I will adress another 1/3 of the area and only cover crop 1/3. But this year while the sheet mulch settles in, I will be starting seedlings of a huge array of heirloom seeds saved from last years garden as well as the interesting treasures I have acquired from various folks and seed savers. I am most excited about: orka beans, rattlesnake beans, Dukabore baby yellow pear tomatoes, and rich purple tomatoes,  some assorted patty-pan squash varieties, and It will be cool to grown our own blue moon squash for Halloween this year.

Also over the weekend we hacked back the grape vines, reset the support posts and found that what I thought was 3 grape vines, was actually 9! It will be wonderfully to see how much fruit each one produces! The fruit trees also require a good pruning I just don’t know the first thing about this process, so I am researching that now.

Our crew of hard labourers included: Dave, Colin, Kelly, Pauline, Jessie, Matt, Dayna and Helen. We also had an expect sailor to guide us, but that is another storey. I think I need to learn some chain gang songs, to keep the crews motivated, although the camp fire food seemed to do the trick!

I am planning to post a calendar of building project in the next couple weeks, which will outline our plans for the summer. So our friends and family can plan trips around the multiple building projects they would like to help out on. So far I think the priority is our passive solar shower house composting toilet outhouse design, and hopefully we have a crew to work on that while I am doing my PDC with the gals in May at the Mountain Waters Retreat. And some time between now and then we will settle in for good!

The other project I am really excited about this summer is building a PSP chicken heated green house and getting the fruit forest orchard set up for chicken grazing, and over the summer our little dozen hens will enjoy a travelling home with a simple chicken tracker design.  More to follow and as soon as my sister uploads her 1200 images from the past weekend I will add a link!

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