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I am finding it hard to find time to post much, but things are really well, beautiful and exciting! Our PDC class is all consuming of time and brain power, everyday Julie and I drive from Winlaw into Nelson and then up a crazy mountain road to a stunning retreat over top of the lake. We have been absorbing ideas, techniques, theory and digesting volumes of exciting information. The class takes place on a swath of land not un-similar to our own, with great slopes, and flowing water, diverse forest and open sunny micro prairies. I am looking at all things with new eyes, especially the marginal attributes of our land! I am newly re inspired to turn problems into solutions!

Dylan is keeping busy during the day getting his little temporary shop set up and functional, and he has moved onto creating flooring panels for the trailer which is really exciting! Dylan also finished the beautiful gates for the garden and built a cute tipi for the tribe of kids staying with us. We found an amazing vintage electric / wood burning stove we will be picking up tomorrow and hopefully we will also get our canoe into the river this weekend! We are also talking about building a sweat too.

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