I am proud to say I have completed an amazing all encompassing 2 week class with verge permaculture, and I am now a Certified Permaculture Designer! Yipee! I could write for hours on all the ideas I have, but I thought I would share some of the very exciting super high tech new devises we are implementing these days in our new rural life:

Our new ultra energy efficient dryer

Our complex new grey water system

Our beautiful new alarm clock

& Our new bulk mega food store membership card.

My power weed wacker

Dylans new beer fridge in the workshop

The nature channel that captured Mia’s attention yesterday

But seriously there is something to be said about rising with the sun and going to bed after a hard and fulfilling day of work, it is pretty damn fulfilling. Although exhausting!

Mia started school last week here and is really enjoying the classes and kids, she is awfully happy to be meeting so many friends.

Poor Dylan has been working away each day while Julie and I headed to Nelson for our 10 hour days. He has managed to start building new kitchen cabinets and has refinished about 1/4 of the trailer floors with a funky OSB tile pattern that I really like and has removed the diving wall between the living room and kitchen, and I hate to admit it but the space is starting to look pretty good! He has sorted and unloaded the bin as well as the barn, and hauled many a huge rock and bucket of dirt for me. We are hoping to get some cow shit today and start a good compost pile I think Dylan will be great at turning a 3m3 pile every other day using the Berkly active aerobic method. Most of the soil I have is thick with kooch grass roots so we need a good amount of fertile rich compost to keep going with.

Re: kooch grass I am testing now 4 different methods of planting to help it move on. As I said before I am going to embrace this challenge and try to avoid the bitter battle most folks are having with it, and utilize my new knowledge to assess what can be done to keep it from thriving in my garden. I will post on all methods, and observations later.

The garden is coming along nicely and yesterday. If you look closely you can see a smiling face in the long key stone rock of my herb heart.

Back to work now… but not without a Sunny morning paddle down the Slocan River.

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