Stunning sunny weekend and we  spent most of the day yesterday exploring the southern end of Slocan lake by canoe! found some native cave art during our paddle which was unique. It’s crazy hot these days, 30º+ We live in the most beautiful place ever! Here are some pics I just wanted to share.. not much to report.. we are just plugging away on the trailer, and the garden, compost, and building a chicken tractor and mostly enjoying the sunny valley ! We bought a vintage stove wood / electric a couple weeks ago, and some of the guys from my PDC helped us load it and bring it home, we will install into the trailer this week!

*** ANY ONE PLANNING TO VIST FOR A BUILD, we are ramping up to get a good crew together mid July to help raise a roof on Dyl’s shop! So plan to join us and camp! we have some big tree’s to haul out of the woods, and we’ll be building with sandbag and cob, So there will be some fun projects to work on.

More on the chicken tractor later this week along with updates on the garden etc….

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One thought on “week.03.5

  1. Looks like you’ve made some good progress, glad to see your getting along well. I have to admit that I’m a little bit jealous; the Slocan area is really nice in the summer. Keep posting!

    Guess who gets to work on Goldies job now.

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