quick shots of some growth around us

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Here are just a few images I shot yesterday while admiring all the abundance around. Everything is growing and exploding with life. The garden is wonderful, the grapes are soon to be, the cherry trees are in full bloom but are 30 feet high and too small to climb, so I just gaze up at stunning cherries longing for some 20 foot stilts. My first batch of compost went well, and I’m onto pile number 2 this time with chicken manure (* Uncle Fred it is for your sake I did not say chicken shit). In addition to our growing hens I am watching a mother swallow (i think) feed her hungry little baby birds living in the bird house mounted to the trailer, I got a good shot of her swooping away, they all sing all day long.

We had a lovely visit with Tyler and Michelle from the East coast and Tyler (Who Mia suggested too late might be able to pick all the cherries) did some electrical miracles around here (still beaming about that * thanks Ty) The boys got my vintage stove in the house an installed! It’s a real gem and I put it to work immediately and roasted a lovely sage and brown butter chicken (from the families new favourite guy around here the butcher @ Legacy Meats) a mouth-watering hour into the roast we realized that the burners need replacing and aren’t up for a simple task like boiling water! This is a big bummer, as I traded in a shotty 4 burner gas range with no oven for and oven with a shotty stove top! I will post pics of the oven in it’s new home soon.. the kitchen is almost ready for a reveal!

I think I will start a before and after roll of images for next week! Off the the lake for a paddle….

back in the Koot's

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Back in the Koots! And what a relief after a world wind tour de cowtown, packing, painting, partying, wedding-ing (?) , hot tubing, consuming, catching up and enjoying flush toilets… we managed to slip out just in time to miss the stampede! Yehaw.

It is blazing hot out here these days +32º clear blue skies and it’s hard to concentrate on working when all you want to do is jump in the water. But there is much work to do on the forefront is unpacking! Alas my little 4 cylinder Mitshubishi hauled a 12 ft UHAUL across the mountains loaded to the brink with most of the contents of our lives we had left behind (some of which we actually have been really missing, most of which we are just drowning in right now). Our to do list is mounting and we have now added livestock keeping to our daily lives! We are the happy new home to some 26 fluffy little various historic breeds of chickens! They are sooo darn cute! Mia is swooning, although after a stressful journey we lost 4, and she spent some of this afternoon learning a lesson in loss, the natural cycle, and survival of the fittest. The last little chick to pass away was indeed the hardest for Mia, as she was especially fond of him as we tried to nurse him back to health today, after his cremation she named him Pecky:(

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