moving forward

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The shop (wood-hendge) is taking shape now that Dylan is back home and had a strong set of hands to help him haul up half of the big ceiling logs to the top of there post. Tash and Cody came out with the kids along with my Mom (for her first visit), Cody was thrilled to be playing with big sticks of wood and trouble shooting some electrical problems too. Just look at that level bubble image! Those guys did a bang up job levelling up the girders! The rest of us enjoyed some lazy days swimming at the lake and did some serious time in the garden digging the huge row of potatoes and Tash took on the yard with the mower (who needs the gym when you can mow an acreage with a push mower in 30º heat) My mom collected lots of elderberries and plumbs and pulled weeds and identified some wild flowers and shrubs around here. We also started  hauling wheel barrow loads of sand up up up the hillside to the garden so I can start getting some raised beds ready for fall garlic. Today I am putting in some much needed design time on the computer and Dylan is securing the 5 rafter beams down and creating a ramp and pulley system so the two of us can haul the last 5 logs up.

We’ll be ordering sand bags today so we have an exciting sand bag adventure in wall building ahead of us, but first we will go volunteer our time as a family to “The big bad bag build” happening down the road and get some technique down. Having said that Dylan just spend a gruelling week ramming earth into car tires, mixing concrete and other such Earthship labours so he is feeling pretty confident about packing earth into sand bags! He has lots of great pictures and promises to write his first ever blog entry about his week with Mike Reynolds and crew, very soon!

More to come…

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