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Well yesterday Dylan managed to erect the last horizontal beam and Woodhenge looks like a real structure now! What a feat. The first few beams went up with the help of Cody and the last beams Dylan rigged up a system where Mia was his co pilot and the two of them using a winch and some intelligent rigging managed to pull the last of the beams into place. We made a little video and put it up on youtube you can watch it here, just keep in mind there is no fancy editing just a glimpse at the hauling process!

It is pretty amazing to look down at that site and see just how far the building has come only a few weeks, with very little horse power, just a couple litres of gasoline and even less man power, oh and some little girl power too!

We also had a pretty big set back this week, as we lost our sweet Ceilli Dog. She passed away on Thursday morning quietly at home, and is now resting peacefully in the garden near the chickens she loved to watch. It is amazing how quickly that girl made her way into our hearts and home and we are so blessed to have shared the last 8 months of her life as her family. She as many of you know was an amazingly good dog, so sweet beautiful and patient, but burdened with illness. We are happy she is free of the pain and challenges of her conditions. Mia will be planting wildflowers on Ceilli’s plot in the spring and we’ll start working on a making tombstone for her this week. It was another reminder to us just how real life is out here. Death is part of this natural system and life is so precious… In that mindset we are off to the lake to spend the day canoeing and embracing life as a family in honour of our departed loved one.

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