Shop Progress

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I am without a computer this week, so posting has been troublesome!

We have seen much progress down at the shop site this past week and a half. Dylan was really fortunate to have Mike come back out and help raise the centre ring and 4 roof beams! Sounds simple enough, but the process involved extensive rigging and strapping and heaving along with building racking and decking. Dylan invented a great fitting system to mate the centre ring to the roof poles securely. They guys also managed to get away to do some lake fishing and enjoy some good meals, none of which included fresh lake fish though 😦

While all this was happening I did a slap and dash in the ugly bathroom, which improved the spaces usability and esthetics somewhat. I added a before picture of the bathroom below. I however wouldn’t write home about the quality of work in the powder-room, as I had to paint over years of weird textured walls and drips, and hideous cabinets, but in keeping with out trailer chique theme this room screams palm springs 1968, I think! And the lovely yellow fixtures are only accentuated by the new subdue tones! Other than the bucket flush, this room is almost totally functional now, including the dryer which I had to use for the first time the other day while we were caught in an overcast rainy cold streak, which luckily ended yesterday, and today and for the week we have 28º forecast and today there is a stunning blue bird sky. Weather patterns have been funny, it seems every time folks from Calgary come visit we get rain, this certainly was the case when Beth and MJ stopped over last weekend. Hopefully the fam can buck this trend as they start coming back out tonight!

Mia got on a horse for the first time yesterday and she was thrilled about the whole experience! Back to school next week which I think we are all looking forward too.

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