It has been a while since we have updated this page, life has thrown some hurdles at us over the past weeks and we are just dealing with some red tape and unexpected costs, especially on the vehicle front, it has cost a small fortune to get my 4 year old vehicle insured here in BC, and much of those funds had been allocated to building materials, so the shop project is on hold until next week when we anticipate acquiring some used metal roofing.

However we have been forging ahead on the chicken coop and it’s almost completely sealed up! It is a great space and the final finish details include: getting the egg collection door install, moving the electric fence, and getting the built in water and food containers to dispense. Also I have some creative mud work ahead of me, as I plan to install a piece of tree into one coop corner and earthen plaster around it, allowing the chooks to enjoy some branches, and make the most out of this little space.

We are also spending a lot of time these dark evening designing our land to better accommodate large groups for next season. We have acquired some really amazing industrial waste products which are ideal building materials and we are overjoyed with the opportunities which have now opened up to us, more on this later. By late winter we will be posting our micro building plans along with a calendar time line, so that friends and family can plan there trips around specific projects.

We will start to host seminars and open up the projects to the public and ever growing group of people in our area interesting in affordable sustainable building. This will also mean that by mid summer we will have our first guest pod complete, along with an outdoor cook area and a passive solar shower and outhouse! As it stands we have also decided to focus our effort next summer on the outbuildings, and laying the ground work for our home which we will start construction on the following spring (2012).

After Dylan attended the Earthship project (which he still promises to blog about and has gotten as far as organizing him pictures and selecting a number of them for a slideshow), and after we hosted a number of large groups here we realized that our ability to build our home is largely dependant of a group of 50 or so workers for at least a week, and in order to host that number of people we really need to get additional infrastructure in place, including all of the above, along with some tent decks which have access to the new group structures, as we live on a mountain side level ground is hard to come by and there certainly isn’t room for 25 tents on our front lawn!

This means another year in the trailer, sadly. But more importantly it means we have another year to observe the land and ensure our house placement is just right and it also allows us more time to complete self sufficiency projects sooner: green house, root cellar, expanded garden area, animal housing, water catchments, and our solar array. These are all key elements to our future and once we get going on the house it will be all encompassing (as we have already seen first hand with woodhendge).

So while we have no monumentus images of progress to share this week, we have actually made great steps towards our future plans, and taking time to reflect and assemble the knowledge we have gained living here to apply it to our ongoing dream has been ideal.

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