Foam, Fir & Firewood

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Winter is just around the corner and for the first time in my life the reality or readying for winter has meaning and it is  really daunting! There is way more to get done now than there was in spring, and with so much more emphasis on completion and impending snow! Firewood was our most pressing priority last week as we got to the bottom of our old stack and began trying to burn some birch we had cut down over the summer, well the birch was wet and our damn trailer is FRICKING COLD… and growing colder by the night! The fireplace has a miserable time with wet wood, and us girls have been bundled up and shivering the nights away. So we went to town and bought a trailer of wood, along with one of those really great eco fans (which sits atop the wood stove and drives hot air in any direction using only convection heat to power it, best $70 we have spend out here!) We also stocked up on winter socks, slippers, and even bought some discounted micro fleece blankets and thermal reflective foil. I am going to combine the blankets and the foil to create some warm winter window coverings. All of the sudden we are starting to get comfortable and warm, and just in time. I looked across the valley today and the very top of the largest mountain to the SE was sprinkled in frosty white trees!

We spent much of last week scrounging materials and getting our moneys worth out of our trailer, a number of trips to the local tree nursery for foam blocks, crates, and black canvas, and off to the window company for more patio doors and even some nice wood framed XL ones. We realized very quickly that we need to organize a huge delivery of the foam blocks we discovered and have been playing with for the last month. These blocks are a tree planting waste product, which are ridged inert foam, they are incredibly strong and essentially act as lego blocks, which are lightweight, have an incredible R value, they are rot resistant and oh so inspiring…

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world meet McKenzie (aka Ken), Ken meet world.

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Our family just got bigger! We have acquired a wonderful smart super bundle of energy  gal who needed a good Kootenay home, Sadly her family is moving cross country not only sad for Ken but for us too they are really cool folks who also happen to run a fabulous trailer bistro (a go go) and they pump out some really kick ass burgers 😦

She is a bearded Collie / Terrier Mix and she is about 6, but is as spry as a puppy, with a good guard dog bark and the sweetest demeanour.

This is Ken’s 2nd night with us and she is cozied up on bear watch. She is the perfect bush dog and she is incredibly charming too, we all adore her and it sure feels good to have a dog around again. We all agree she is the perfect addition to our little family on the mountain.

a little story about Mr. Brown…

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The day after we returned home from the wedding the grandparents came to spend a night with us and take in our little mountain homestead for the fist time. It was really wonderful to spend more time visiting with them, hearing stories of how they lived on the farm back in the day, and how they can relate to our dreams in so many ways, and yet I am certain they (and so many others) think we are crazy for doing all of this now a days.

They had so much wisdom to share with us, and they taught us a really valuable lesson…We had a hands on how to in killing chickens, and just in time too! At last count we believe we have 11 roosters in our group and clearly that is about 9 roosters too many, and it hasn’t been to much of a problem until some of the guys started getting a little too cocky just recently… specifically Bjork the white and grey Amuranaca whom I have never really liked frankly, with his creepy little orange eyes. Along with him the James’s went down too; James Brown and James Bond, both were also getting aggressive but we ended up with only these 2 old English Game Roosters, so knowing they will have no pure bred line to carry or egg laying in the future their days have been numbered for some time. So with a lifetime of precision skills and experience Olive snatched the birds and cleaned, chopped and froze them, me learning all the steps in stride, and Walt lead Dylan through the chopping and bleeding and feathering steps, and now we have 3 roosters in our freezers (albeit small ones), along with the knowledge and confidence to do it again… at least 6 more times. Continue reading


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Progress on the home front this past week zero….

We took our skills abroad and spent a week in Chilliwak with family celebrating Dylan’s sister; Dayna and Matt’s wonderful Thanksgiving Wedding. We went early and Dylan along with his Dad, Colin and Matt boarded and mudded the newlyweds entire basement, so the boys were busy with the drywall, while I took up residence in Dayna’s kitchen along with her, Helen and Grandma Hayes of course! We baked, and cooked, made jelly (well quince syrup anyway), crafted table pieces, place settings, bouquets, and cleaned, sorted and scrubbed. But my most important task was being a photographer at the big event! So here is a sneak peak of just a few images of the stunning couple (post production work of course).