a little story about Mr. Brown…

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The day after we returned home from the wedding the grandparents came to spend a night with us and take in our little mountain homestead for the fist time. It was really wonderful to spend more time visiting with them, hearing stories of how they lived on the farm back in the day, and how they can relate to our dreams in so many ways, and yet I am certain they (and so many others) think we are crazy for doing all of this now a days.

They had so much wisdom to share with us, and they taught us a really valuable lesson…We had a hands on how to in killing chickens, and just in time too! At last count we believe we have 11 roosters in our group and clearly that is about 9 roosters too many, and it hasn’t been to much of a problem until some of the guys started getting a little too cocky just recently… specifically Bjork the white and grey Amuranaca whom I have never really liked frankly, with his creepy little orange eyes. Along with him the James’s went down too; James Brown and James Bond, both were also getting aggressive but we ended up with only these 2 old English Game Roosters, so knowing they will have no pure bred line to carry or egg laying in the future their days have been numbered for some time. So with a lifetime of precision skills and experience Olive snatched the birds and cleaned, chopped and froze them, me learning all the steps in stride, and Walt lead Dylan through the chopping and bleeding and feathering steps, and now we have 3 roosters in our freezers (albeit small ones), along with the knowledge and confidence to do it again… at least 6 more times.

The only down side of this process is these birds are so beautiful.. they are not just stupid meat birds that all look the same, because we ended up with 12 different heritage breeds we have been able to identify each of our 20 birds and as you all know we have named them all after rock stars, and we adore them. Mia reminded us of a much earlier promise to honor each of dinner roasters by listening to music by their namesake over dinner, or in James bond’s case we’ll watch a 007.

I can’t tell you how wonderful all of this family time has been for our spirits, as much as we really do love living out here, we miss our family and friends terribly, and it’s always such a treat to be surrounded by love and support, and we certainly wouldn’t be here doing this without our peeps!

It is certainly getting frosty and cold here at night and we bought a trailer load of firewood today, Dylan has also been hard at it with the axe chopping up lots of the birch we have down from the summer. I think I might freeze to death some time soon, so I am going to start knitting more… maybe a cocoon is in order.

One thought on “a little story about Mr. Brown…

  1. AWW…I wish I was there taking it all in with you. I think of you everyday. I know what it’s like to be far from family and close friends. But when time is finally spent together, it is so wonderful. Keep on keeping on. You guys are a true inspiration, and I love you all so much..xo

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