winter wonder

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I guess it’s about time for an update…

We went home for what was to be a quick whirlwind visit 2 weeks ago and ended up getting stranded by a broken down car and a crazy winter storm which landed us with an extended stay and a rescue on the vehicle front by the grandparents (bless them), our return trip home took 2 days of treacherous roads and white out conditions, and we have never been so happy to be home, as we were when we rolled up the valley!

It has never been more clear to us all that the decision we made to leave the crazy city behind and start living our dream was exactly what we needed to do… no regrets! And certainly we don’t miss the traffic, the general grumpiness, the rampid consumerism (although we participated heavily while in town stocking up on hard to find items, especially at the UFA) and the stress that comes with all of those things. Whew happy that is all behind us.

We came home to a blanket of snow and a winter wonderland, our chooks started laying eggs, and our trailer was almost frozen solid. After a few more days of pillowy snowfall we had a stunning blue sky two days ago complete with 2 sun’s and an upside down rainbow! Some weird solar ring thing was happening and it was spectacular and a little spooky.

Today it’s back to epic snowfall. We are busting out the snowshoes and cross-country ski’s. This weekend will mark my first ever birthday away from home, which means no Indian feast with all my friends and family… but I am hoping to get out to Castlegar’s Indian restaurant in the next few days.

Dyl is building all sorts of walls and dry storage areas with the foam blocks we have so many of. We got a mud room framed in off the front door of the house which now has really stable foam walls, soon to be plastered once the temp goes up. As it stands the dog loves her new dry nook.

Big step forward

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Since the last post we have been busy as bee’s!

The garden is going to rest and I have found a great use for these massive black cube sacks (a commercial waste product, we have sourced and are repurposing) I am breaking them down into long mats about 4 feet wide by 16 feet long, and they are going down on the undeveloped tiers of the garden to try to kill off some kouch grass, and make my spring start an easier one! These bags originally contained carbon, and each bag has a skiff of this great soil amendment bonus too!

We managed to get our hands on about 2300 sq ft of used red metal roofing for a really really good price, so the shop is one giant step closer to being sealed up for winter! YEAH! We also welcomed a MASSIVE 53 foot truck loaded to the brink with foam blocks (about 4300 of them) they are literally  pouring down the driveway right now. These will be shop walls (with an 50+ R rating), and hopefully if the snow holds off for long enough we will get a breezeway up too. But I am not counting on it, however there is plenty enough roofing for the job.

In addition to using the foam blocks on the roof of the shop, Dylan dug out and insulated the underside of the trailer skirting area with these little wonders! We are certain they are making a difference already! I can’t tell you how happy I am to a) see those scary dirty under the trailer holes filled in, and b) to be utilizing these super blocks in yet another fashion! they are so stellar. I have been installing foil insulation and sewing curtains… well in fact Mia has been sewing the curtains, after only 3 weeks into her new after school  sewing lessons, she is not only sewing but threading the machine, loading the bobbins, pinning and ironing, you name it! These skills have come to her  just in time. Continue reading