weaving a wintery weekend

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We just came home from an exceptional sunny sparkling weekend of enjoying this winter wonderland! We took in the Christmas on the Lake, and drank hot mulled wine, roasted bannock on sticks over a fire, watched chainsaw artists carve ice and wood, and mostly we just took in the awe of the Vallhala Mountains and the views of stunning Slocan lake. On our way home we picked up the last of the yurt parts, and came home to friends tobogganing down our driveway which was a wonderful way to end our day! Today we wondered up and down the frozen rivers edge exploring ice formations and animal tracks, we had a lovely visit with one of the founding thread guild members who is selling her weaving studio, and we are eagerly working towards our fiber art yurt plan for the end of the winter…playing with the idea of a“yarnyurt”. We then we adventured all the way south on a scenic drive to Fruitvale to see a man about a lathe, and ended up having another great visit with yet another friendly kind stranger and came home with a wood lathe complete with a bench and tools. Dyl and I have been talking about playing with a lathe for ages, and we have been on the look out for a good deal on a used one for years, finally today we found it, and we both have some etsy/farmers markets plans for next season.

Tomorrow we are scouting out locations and starting a materials list for the yurt constructions, and pressing forward on spring build and workshop plans. Also reading a wonderful book on goat husbandry right now which has me re- thinking our little tippy barn. Tomorrow I take on hide tanning! that will be a first for me. must get googling much to learn before we pick up a number of cow hides!


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