Jan 2011

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I feel like it is time for an update, however there really isn’t that much to share, as everything is on paper these days… Reading and planning, research and drafting. We are working on designing the passive solar shower house and a potential weekend workshop on how to build a passive solar water heater with a cob rocket stove back up. Our plan is to incorporate our horse feeder “cool pool” into the system to allow for a steamy soak in a rocket tub. We also have started to site in our new future access road. I am designing the interior workings of my Yarn Yurt and fiber house get away. Dyaln is playing with lots of treehouse ideas and we are also close to finalizing our chicken / worm / rabbit green house, which will be passive solar and earth bermed. These projects along with finishing the shop roof are on our must do lists for the summer. Continue reading

Rolling along

2011 and we are hitting the ground running!

After a whirl wind visit back home to celebrate New Years with a surprise 60th Birthday celebration for Dylan’s dad Dave, and a quick family tour which included many wonderful meals and visits with folks, grandparents, siblings and friends, and the likely the cause of the extra pounds we came home with! Once all borrowed and leased cars were returned to their rightful owners we made a safe and non eventful drive home and we were all happy to once ago wake up in our stunning valley, and be far far away from the rat race and raging traffic of the city. Our sleepy little village has come alive with amazing winter festivities to enjoy. Sissy’s has made a fabulous outdoor ice rink out back complete with a huge ice slide for the kiddies, and a ice sculpture garden out front. Our friends built an epic sled track on their mountain side, and the rails to trails tracks are incredibly maintained and call to us daily.

No real progress to show you as we are up to our eye balls in planning… finalizing locations for both yurts and the shower haus and the excavation those structures will require. We have named our small holding “Tricycle Acres” and I have created a brand and with it we are planning some farmers market circuits and products for the spring and summer, as well as a new tricycle acres etsy shop to feature of crafts. We have a few very old tric’s in out collection and Dylan will have to create a cute little driveway sign to welcome visitors, soon enough. Continue reading