Skiing, Skeins, and Schoolin'

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Well I think we have a really solid plan in place for our projects from now – June! It will be wonderful to offer some great new accommodations and amenities this summer to our visitors!

The past weeks have been occupied with Yurt part production, fire wood collection, Skiing, weaving, and dying!

Mia just finished her 4th week on the ski hill and she was ripping it up yesterday! I came out to the hill to pick up my snow bunny and found her bombing down the run by herself at a super speed, full of confidence. Me on the other hand… I had my heart in my throat and my stomach had flipped. I am really not cut out for this ski hill thing! Luckily Dylan is and he and Mia have been having a riot out there, and Mia looks like a seasoned skier, and Dylan is enjoying spending time on the hill with the rest of the parents from the village.

While these guys have been playing in the snow, I have been busy with fiber! I did 2 weekends of nature dying some old handspun wool I bought; the process was amazing, we used onion skins and madder root to create 4 different punchy earthy colours. The reddest skein of wool (madder alone) is the colour used in the old British army jackets, as well as the red colour you see in old Middle Eastern rugs. The yellow skein was dyed using onion skin alone and the wine and orange skeins have booth been over-dyed, to create this warm pallet of fall tones. Participating in the Thread Guild is a wonderful way to celebrate the creative process and be actively learning and making beautiful things.

I started a weaving apprenticeship 3 weeks ago with JC a master weaver and a truly inspiring soul, whom I am so fortunate to have met. I have been really enjoying my time spent in her sunny mountainside studio learning the art of weaving from such skilled hands.

Next week I am teaching a workshop “Greening your Business with Permaculture” at the Valican Community Center. I am really looking forward to it; my presentation will combine my  green business experience, with my passion for Permaculture and I will utilize all the great Green Calgary  healthy home resources I have under my belt after all that volunteering, and roll it all into a fun and informative session I can’t wait to share. Busy week in the Koot’s for Permaculture as my instructer Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture is coming through the valley along with Adrian Buckley of Big Sky Permaculture on a Permi Road Trip, they are doing intro sessions from Canmore to Kelowna and back again, any of you who are interested in learning more about this permaculture thing we’re always on about, should really take in one of these sessions, you won’t find a better message out there, and the teachers will leave you inspired to make sustainability a more dynamic part of your life… living within nature… not just in it.

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