A hint of Spring

Spring is just around the corner, at least it feels that way. We had rain the other night, and today the sun was shinning and the melt was on. We are in for an epic melt off this year… as we are blanketed in a meter of snow still, it may be a late start to spring planting. Look at this image! I took this picture last weekend, when the sky’s were flowing like a river of clouds, it felt like our mountain way tumbling, because there was so much rolling in the sky above, it was something else to watch!

We have been in the snowshoes lots these days, measuring out our home site, looking at what trees need to come down to allow for ideal solar gain. We have also repositioned our future green house chicken coop 3 times, and I think we have settled on a great location, finally! It seems although there is a lot of talk in Permaculture circles about chicken heated greenhouses, yet there aren’t any actual examples of it (that I have found anyway, albeit there is lots of discussion about the illusive topic) Well we are going to give it a go, and we are combining some great passive solar design ideas along with great new suggestion on passive ventalation from my Permaculture instructor Rob Avis (who visit here last night)

We never really considered the green house site an ideal spot before as it impedes a little bit on the view from the trailer… but the big picture of this project is that of course we won’t be in this trailer for much longer, and what really matters in designing a functional system for how we will be living in the future, and how we can best increase our food yields and do it by building an ultra low cost greenhouse, which utilizes passive solar heat capture as well as earth shelter, and build it with repurposed materials, and diverted waste.

The plan is to have the chicken fully free ranging this year, as they are all big enough to at least be a difficult meal for a visiting bird of prey, and we have superdog Ken to keep them safe. What we will have to do is design to keep the chooks OUT of the garden… at least the leafy green parts of it, while still providing them with a safe run for any overnight camp trips we go on. Those chickens are getting anxious for the green grass of spring time too! The snow has really limited their ability to explore. Elvis and Sid had a bloody cock fight today… and just when I thought that the boys would be able to live happily ever after what with their own homes, harems, water and food sources, well that and i thought elvis was maybe transgender, as he is so passive and caring (like a grandmother hen) I suggested finding a new home for Elvis (the feather footed black beauty cochin) and Mia suggested the stew pot for Sid (our stunning white sussex cock of the walk). Not sure which way we will go, but Sid looks awful with a bid of blood and mud!

We talked with Rob and Adrian lots about our rocket stove / passive solar shower house and hot tub projects and how to execute the design and as well as a DIY workshop. I am more inspired than ever to create a permaculture community out here, to be able to spend more time sharing ideas and implementing projects with other inspired folks.


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