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I know I know.. it’s been a while! Hope your all well, we sure are. It’s a warm and stunning blue sky kind of day today we are off to meet some new born goats, while recovering from a 6 girl sleep over sushi party bash last night! Wow you really can’t imagine how 6 nine years olds can affect the acoustics of a tin can trailer! There are some pics of the sweet little sushi cakes I made here at eatingwithSOLE, (which just got a little blog face lift!)

Dyl has been working in the city for the past few weeks and I have been running myself a little ragged, working, and weaving, and fighting back a cold.  The snow is starting to melt and we have had a few big rainfalls. It is going to be so MUDDY this spring and I can only imagine what these meter deep blanket of snow will do to the road and hill.

We are off to pick up this old green Ford truck in exceptional vintage condition along with a extended camper for my sister and her boyfriend to live in out here in April. They are going to be our practice wwoofers, and see how they like living on the side of a mountain, getting dirty and working hard, enjoying fruits of their labor and fresh air.

This has helped up refocus our efforts for outbuildings in to a stacked multifunctional wet house / summer kitchen. Which will make for great amenities for the guest and yarn yurts too.

I went to Seedy Sunday last week and picked up the last of what I think we will plant this year, and I have been working endlessly on garden plans. Helen gave us a great little greenhouse which fits perfectly in the window, so I have onions, peppers, and tomatoes started. As well as some micro green for snacking on now!

Alas our wood stack is running low again, so we are out to the bush to haul a few more dead trees down, before we go and meet the kids!