Spring has Sprung

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Finally the snow is melting away, and we are uncovering many buried treasures all over the place. Our whole world has awakened from it’s snowly blanket, and finally finally it feels like spring time!

The chickens are roaming free and enjoying the bits of grass and new growth, and the snow damage of their hawk fence over head has been repaired, and the birds will be excited to move into their new and hugely extended grazing plot, (just 15 fence post to dig in mixed rocky ground first)

Last weekend my mom and our good friend Kelly drove west to deliver my sister and Jessie to their new home sweet home camper, which now rests amid the last of the snowy muck on the lower road by Dylan’s shop.

Kelly & Dylan made some real progress on the shop roof adding additional strapping and planning and cutting the metal roofing sections, before the rain drove them off the roof (and down the river for the virgin canoe paddle of the season)

Pauly and Jessie are hard at it already helping to clean up the yard, and improve hillside access and most importantly they are both helping erect their new biffy!

Dylan picked a lovely and inspired position for the composting lue up in between two trees and the outhouse itself is being build (out of garbage) off the trees and back into a hillside. We have a great design for the space, which will utilize a recycled patio door, and some cedar slab wood cut offs from the mill, along with a glow in the dark toilet seat our friends donated to the cause. The space should be bright and kinda modern-junk-tastic, and will feature a meandering curving steps up the roots of the trees to the thrown deck.

It will be wonderful when this is complete as we are already feeling the pressure of the extra load on the septic with our new homestead helpers.

My mom spent endless hours this week sewing up weft material for my rag rug which has allowed me to come 5/7ths of the way to completing my rug. Our thread guild has it’s annual yard and yardage show and sale next weekend and I will have to have both rugs complete for the show! Without my mom it would have never happened!

While the whole crew was here we took a field trip to my mentors home to see the loom and the rugs in progress as well as to pick up a beautiful wood burning stove which JC & Robert have graciously given to us to heat Dyl’s shop. The stove is a big steel hand made piece of art, complete with a bull head door (JC is a Taurus) and the stove was made for her. This new stove will allow the previous (smaller stove) we had intended for the shop to find a new home in my yarn yurt!

Dylan has completed the wooden roof ring for my yurt and we have scouted out an even better new location for it, and I am oh so excited to have some space to create in again!

Today we are getting some greens in the ground, and starting to remediate the garden; along with planting some new indoor starts.

We are soooo very excited to have Dylans sister and brother in law and little baby Zoey visiting us next week! We just can’t wait to meet her and introduce her to the chickens!











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