Meeting Zoey!

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Another whirl-wind week gone by… and tonight Dylan and I will have the house to ourselves for the first time in two weeks! even Mia got the boot today 🙂

We just said goodbye to out new little niece Zoey and her folks Matt and Dayna, after enjoying a wonderful sunny and warm week with them in paradise. We also said hello to the newest family member here at tricycle acres; Fantastic Mr Fox, the cutest little puppy you ever did see…(I’ll post pictures of him tomorrow) He is a malamute collie mut, with a super softy fluffy coat and all the charm and manors of a much older and wiser dog. He is still getting used to things around here but we are all really happy to have a young dog around to learn the ropes from Kenny our super dog!

The boys pretty much have wrapped up the outhouse project over the week and it looks incredible! Made entirely for free and of waste. The space is really bright and open, I can’t wait to take it for a test drive!

We took Zoey to the pub last night for organic wings and local beer, and we all enjoyed a live “bad ass bluegrass” band from Manitoba. It was Matt & Dayna’s first night on the town since Zoey came along, and they sure enjoyed the family first social life in Winlaw!

Sophia (aka Pauly) and I spent two days digging in a really deep couch grass barrier and cleaning out the primary garden bed. We planted some cold hearty greens, and netted off the garlic which the Ravens find as exciting as we do! little buggers have been plucking it right from the ground by it’s bright tender green shoots. The works got a nice deep layer of straw, and Tuesday we will get a new bed in for the strawberry starts I hope to get from the Yard & Yardage sale tomorrow at our Thread Guild Annual Fundraiser!

On a thread note… I completed my rag rugs last week, and they are now hanging side by side (both JC’s and Mine) in the guild in the members work show. What a wonderful feeling, pulling them off the loom and tossing them on the floor. I can’t wait to get cracking on another piece!

URBAN REHAB: a new feature to this blog, will highlight how the city kids; our practise wwoofers are doing each week.

UR1: Recap; Sophia and Jessie are living without electricity or heat or water still in their cozy camper, with just the heat from their 3 cats to keep them warm at night. Still very much afraid of killer bears and walrus’s, they don’t travel to far on the land without one another or a dog at their side. These guys are enjoying the hippy snacks I make for everyone each day, but are still giving in to Doritos cravings most days. Still working on wake up times, and dish washing stills but I think we are all heading in a positive direction. This week they will be digging the fence posts for the new chicken run, and doing puppy training, as well as beginning to chip away at the ugly mountain of foam blocks exploding down our hill side.

They learned how to build a Berkly active aerobic compost pile the other day, which involved moving a shit ton of materials. Jessie wasn’t to keen on the process but it think this will be a good work out for all of us as tomorrow we will start to toss it daily! I have the boys peeing in a bucket again which is a great nitrogen kick start for the pile!

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