Odin of Valhalla

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Here he is, the newest member of the tricycle acres family: Odin, truly a wonderful little fellow, who is keen and smart, and happy to be learning how our smallholding operates from the Queen herself; Kenzie. Ken seems to have finally after 2 days of the cold shoulder, and a certain dominance show, has taken little Mr. fantastic under her wing. Although this young fellow is a mere 4 months old he incredibly un-puppy like in character, he is calm and seems truly wise beyond his years. Looks like he is going to be a mammoth, his legs are twice as thick as Kenzies, and his paws are massive. We feel very blessed to have him here with us, as his moms family (our wonderful neighbours across the road) had planned to keep him for themselves,their whole family has fallen for his charisma, and they will maintain visitation and doggie sitting rights exclusively!


One thought on “Odin of Valhalla

  1. He’s so sweet! You guys look so happy…I’m a little jelous at the lack of snow…ours is almost gone. Happy Easter guys!

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