An Easter work weekend all about the chickens

Disaster struck the other day when our little feathered friends dug an escape route out of their run and straight into my newly weeded and top mulched garden bed. In less than 2 hours those little devils devastated the entire contents of my early cold hearty greens, greens which were just popping their little heads from the earth. I screamed like a crazy woman in the garden with threats of frying and boiling and plucking and the like. All that work, all those lovely seeds, all those days of growing. It was a pretty big step back in our early spring food system. But as most disasters inspire creative solutions, this one was no different. 8 new fences post had already been dug, and 8 lovely ceder logs (cut off from the shop build) had been recovered and peeled, and the new fancy fencing had been purchased already.. so we buckled down and spent easter monday finishing the new greener pastures for our birdie anarchists.

I also made good work with the help of Pauly getting our kooch sealed pathway down and started building up 2 narrow sheet mulch mounds. I don’t think I have reported yet, but the rich black soil I built last year with the large sheet mulch bed was AMAZING! full of life and black as can be. The lasagna garden experiment was a huge success, although further kooch work needs to be done the mulch bed itself was a wonderful way to build soil and grow food all at once!

I will take some pictures of the lovely finished outhouse as well as the chickens in their new run, tomorrow… right after unloading a trailer load of horse manure… followed by a quick trip to Appledale to shovel yet another trailer load of shit. Who ever said living in the bush would be relaxing?

Build soil. this is the mantra keeping me going; build soil, grow food, share meals.

As for sharing meals, we were indulgent this sunny easter sunday hoping from one stop to another, introducing the urban transplants to our community. visiting farms, homes, and other special places, meeting new people and baby animals, enjoying great new friends and wonderful food. Truly we are in a special place, amongst special people at a pretty interesting time.

Friday the community is having a trash art show and Mia and I are both hard at it finishing our pieces. I am so looking forward to meeting some of the more hidey artists in this valley at the event. speaking of art, one of our visits this weekend was up to drop off easter treats to my weaving mentor and I finally have some images of both the rug I wove for her, as well as my rag rug as it makes it’s home on my kitchen floor! What a wonderful skill to be learning. I just love playing with all these soft fibery mediums!

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