may long

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So much has happened this month on the homefront, I feel bad it has been so long since my last update. Most of this month has been spent in the garden, and the extra help has not gone un-noticed! It is amazing that so many man-hours have gone into my lovely little food security experiment! It is looking like a real garden right now… not a sad grassy slope.

This past long weekend we celebrated our anniversary of  landing in the koots… oh and what a welcome; a year ago last Friday we watched as our sea can full to the nuts with our salvaged building supplies and motorbikes hung precariously over the precipice of our little piece of mountain side! ahhh. That was the start of our move…and the middle of our storey, but it marked our new start in this amazing community.

This weekend was spent much the same as may long weekend the year prior, hauling garbage to the dump in an epic volume, cleaning the yard, spring cleaning and doing garden stuff… only we also made time to finish building a beautiful pole structure pagoda; complete with firepit, and coal cooking grill, hammock hooks, and swinging chairs, new birch benches and a little BBQ station. We moved the works further away from the grapevines to keep them unscorched this summer, and have plans to add a central pole to use for roasting large amounts of meat over an open fire as well as to act as a central overhang to place a future picnic table under and from which to hang lighting, netting or tarps and flowers from. Our hillside landscape has changed so much in the past 12 months. Continue reading

400 cc's of progress

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We have had made huge progress this week in the garden, which is so exciting! It is wonderful to have 4 extra hands helping with everything, but especially for me to have strong backs to help execute the garden dream. Dylan has been working lots out of the house and I too have been swamped and away from home for many days, but the Urban Rehab team is doing great things in our absence! Moving mountains of shit and couch grass and earth. Playing with charcoal bags, and mud! We now have 3 sheet mulch row beds 2 of which are planted out and they include some new techniques which I am very interested in testing. Some beds involve basic co-planting and other use diverse poly-culture plantings. I have a salad bar broadcast and strawberries in the ground. We have started collecting rocks to build up the retaining walls who’s edges have been cut free of couch grass and lined with a heavy black industrial woven plastic waste product.

We have 3 large raised beds now built and bottom lined with more of that great black material. The bottoms will be filled with old horse poo, and then I hope to build in a root watering system which will take advantage of the slop the beds are on, to passively water all the food growing within it.

Yesterday the crew came home with a used quad and everything here changed all over again! It is amazing to see what happens when you add horse power to the to do list.

All of the sudden today big tree’s got hauled down from their canopy snags, and the yurts got moved up hill, along with my winter tires. The forest floor has been swathed in a large section and cleared of debris and fire fuel. Birch for next years firewood has begun being stacked even! What a day… the quad also hauls our little motorcycle trailer around the bush like a dream!

Driving the quad for only 5 minutes inspired me to get out motorbikes out of storage and get on the road SOON! We are dying to ride, but one thing at atime… the barn is now free of yurts and ready to receive bin stuff to clear the path for the Hondas! Yee haw!

A few weeks back we picked up a free old rabbit hutch on the side of the road, and today it is getting a make over and rebuild by Pauly, Mia and our neighbor buddy. We have decided to try to stack the function of one of our broken chickens.. to see if she might set with some eggs? Anyways we’ll repurpose the hutch for this purpose and see how it goes. Otherwise Tuesday we are off to get some more chicks and some little bantam amuracanas so that little baron has some little ladies to keep him happy… they will lay blue mini eggs too! that is if they are gals.. not a whack of tiny little rooster 😦

Oh did you notice miss Mia with the gun in the total red neck photo! ha ha. She is as good a shot as her Mom and Grandma! We are setting up a 3 hole target range for bow / pellet gun, and slingshot practice in the back bush.

This week… shop roof is rising in the evenings…. and yurt deck is hopefully getting started. Anyways just a little tidbit of life on the homestead.

May Days

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I guess on my last post when I claimed chicken disaster I was a little out of order.. you see we now have dealt with (in fact our first ever) violent chicken attack and death. 😦

Sadly at the tooth of our own new little puppy.

What a sad start to the morning, my sobbing sister pleading with us to come out side, I knew instantly it was the chickens, and I guess I have been expecting this moment since those little puff balls arrived last spring. Oden was lazinly lounging in the newly expanded coup with a mouthful of feathers and our little Chicken Dumb Dumb was feet up next to him. As we quickly tried to assess the damage and the situation, I could tell by the piles of various feathers what other birds had encountered Oden, and the hunt was on for wounded or M.I.A. birds. As it turned out we only lost the one, however we have Miss (our best and most beautiful layer) as well as Wacko Jacko hold up in the chicken hospital, with a gruesome neck injury and a bunk leg respectively.

Oden hopeful has learned his lesson, after a bad day in the proverbial dog house, I think he realizes his pack was not happy with his actions.

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