may long

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So much has happened this month on the homefront, I feel bad it has been so long since my last update. Most of this month has been spent in the garden, and the extra help has not gone un-noticed! It is amazing that so many man-hours have gone into my lovely little food security experiment! It is looking like a real garden right now… not a sad grassy slope.

This past long weekend we celebrated our anniversary of  landing in the koots… oh and what a welcome; a year ago last Friday we watched as our sea can full to the nuts with our salvaged building supplies and motorbikes hung precariously over the precipice of our little piece of mountain side! ahhh. That was the start of our move…and the middle of our storey, but it marked our new start in this amazing community.

This weekend was spent much the same as may long weekend the year prior, hauling garbage to the dump in an epic volume, cleaning the yard, spring cleaning and doing garden stuff… only we also made time to finish building a beautiful pole structure pagoda; complete with firepit, and coal cooking grill, hammock hooks, and swinging chairs, new birch benches and a little BBQ station. We moved the works further away from the grapevines to keep them unscorched this summer, and have plans to add a central pole to use for roasting large amounts of meat over an open fire as well as to act as a central overhang to place a future picnic table under and from which to hang lighting, netting or tarps and flowers from. Our hillside landscape has changed so much in the past 12 months.

On Monday we hosted a good number of our new and wonderful friends and celebrated living here! After dreaming of a quiet mountain life for very long we had much to celebrate after a year of actually doing it; making the leap from the rat race; from chasing the buck, stressed out, cell phone in hand, stuck in traffic, dreaming of better days…. to living the better days. Sure there is still stress in our lives, mostly due to living in a new tax bracket (‘ to say the least), but never have we felt more at home and at peace than here in this cozy valley.

The yurt project is back on the radar, and we are looking forward to Dave & Colin visiting us next week, their first (but certainly not last) trip out of the year. The rain has begun and still no shop roof, although we have roofing paper in hand, and a clear site ready for some excavation and attention. I am dreaming of wrapping myself around my 550 cc motor and tucking into these curvy back road corners. There seems to be a lot standing between me and my motorbike… namely a lack of dry storage space, to allow for an epic dig out. So to say I am eager for a new shop roof is a bit of an understatement!

We came home with 2 dozen new baby chicks a couple weeks ago, and they are growing so fast. They are mainly amarucana chickens (which lay blue eggs), and some are crossed with sussex and barred rocks. 3 are tiny grey bantam birds we are hoping will keep our little Red Baron happy, that is we are hoping they are girls and of the right size to be his harem. We have decided that this batch will be named after world figures; so far we have Julias Ceaser (certain to be a huge rooster I feel) along with Cleopatra his smokey eyed counterpart, & Mona Lisa, Also Amelia Airehart, and Joan of Ark (both Banties for the baron harem). We still have lots to name… but we have also talked about doing a run of meat birds who will be named after chicken dishes; kiev, vindaloo, yakisoba, the kernal, a’la Sandros, … you get the idea. I wondered about pre seasoning… can I add a little cumin to the feed? or a nice curry blend?

Speaking of meat production, Sophie and Jessie are really keen to get going on rabbit production, which means I need to gear up for my big vermicompost operation! I am so very excited about getting worms again! Lots of food going in the ground this weekend, and lots of new life popping green heads from beneath a mulch blanket!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…

just waiting on a camera recharge, so I can upload some pictures.

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