early daze of summer recap

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a brief glimpse into the last little while….

Mia went off to Alberta to visit family for 3 weeks making for extremely quiet and lonely days with her away…:( we can’t wait to have her back this weekend.

Beth and MJ came out to play in the bush, helping with the shower house project and bucking trees to clear some trailer killers. It was great to spend time in the kitchen with Beth as well is in the dirt! We borrowed a neighbours canoe and did a day paddle, which reminded us how light a canoe can be… ours however makes for a lofty portage. Luckily the last clients Dyl worked for gifted him an old (light) damaged canoe which he is repairing once in a while, in his abundant free time… did you sense the sarcasm in that last statement?

The Urban Rehab team packed it in; this country life was too much hard work for them… we are settling into enjoying our space and privacy again, including naked dashes to the garden and showering with the door open again!

We spent a wonderful weekend on the lake with Mel, Mark and Leroy doing some much needed canoe camping and fishing (I even caught a little fellow, although in my excitement dangling him in the air squealing he got away). I can’t wait to get back in the canoe on the lake, and we are eagerly planning our next lake outing with our dear Okanagan friends!

The mosquitoes are ripe and horrible here with the high waters and I am dreaming of a mosquito free August.

The garden, the chickens, and Oden are all growing at an exponential rate! The corn is higher than my knees and the poly beds are voluptuous and a sight to withhold. The row crop thick with clover cover is like a Vietnamese jungle scene and the potato bags are insane and bursting with pounds of potatoes. The puppy is towering now over Kenzie and he is as thick as a tree, and a monster to keep fed. The little chickens are getting harder to pick out from the old girls and they are stunning and just as unique and beautiful. I am finally starting to spot rooster like traits in some and we are dreaming of more deep fried rooster dinners. Continue reading

Happy homestead with some strings attached…

Two years ago when we started the process of selling up possessions and property and saying goodbye to friends and family, and city life, to move to our mountain side heaven, we never really imagined that we would still be tied to Calgary by having to manage our beautiful Oakridge townhouse as landlords.

We had hoped that some stellar modern green couple would snatch it up and we would leave behind a top to bottom eco renovated, non toxic, energy efficient modern dwelling for someone else to love…. It was our last monetary tie to Calgary… and  our renovation pièce de résistance. The market changed drastically as we were listing the property and we ended up renting it out to a great young couple, but now we need to find a solution again for who might live there, pay the bills, or make a purchase…

We need to find the conscious and artsy folks this house was made for, and have them move it and love it…. ideally buy it privately, or rent to own it.. and allow us to get on with our off grid dream in the Koots. I am hoping that one of our followers on this blog knows just the right person, and you’ll help us focus on growing food and building systems, and forget about managing property a world away.

Here are some details about our last tie to Calgary… We are grateful to those of you who could please pass it on…

3bdrm executive townhouse MODERN ECO TOP TO BOTTOM RENO : SW CALGARY

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