early august

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I am really failing to keeping these posts current, sorry folks. I am affraid I am also not doing a very good job photographing the stuff we have been doing with our visitors this year… I guess the act of doing is enough, and capturing the moments isn’t always at the forefront of my mind… not as much as cherishing the moments as they happen.

Since our last post we have hosted Ben, and both our Moms; Helen and Chris. And we are gearing up for the whole Fidler crew to all return to celebrate Helen’s Birthday later this month.

While Ben was here him and Dylan bucked up a whole lot of the birch trees that MJ and Dyl took down last month… we now have a pretty good start to our firewood for the season, and the guys took down a few more trees for good measure. The three of us designed and implemented my dream picnic table! Ben noted it is perfect for ”the last supper” 🙂 and I think we should be able to get close to 20 people around it. And I am certain  I have always dreamed of having a grand outdoor dining table, so seeing it on my land overlooking the fruit forest makes my day, over and over again. Our buddy Phil donated some amazing cedar seconds from his mill, which included two massive 18 foot planks, and a HUGE HUGE HUGE tree stump that was rotted out in the middle. Those three items made the table almost by itself. Now I just need the mosquitoes to leave so I can start hosting some diner parties!

With the help of our moms I have managed to put up a good amount of food stuff, as we busied ourselves with berry picking (strawberries, saskatoons, huckleberries, and even a few cherries), as well as mint & clover foraging, canning jams and sauces, along with freezing and drying. ‘Whew , no rest for the wicked I tell you. You can read more about this putting up stuff along with recipes here on my food blog.

The garden is exploding with food stuff. I was speaking with my good friend from Montreal last night, and he insisted I put up some images which show the garden in it’s current state so he could get a bigger picture of just how much is happening in the garden. So I have snapped some shots today of the corn field (with Mia in it for scale) as well as the polyculture beds, the new beds and rock wall as well as the row crops of roots, with their lush clover ground cover. My finished compost pile is home to a jungle of zucchini, and our little chickens are getting bigger and are eating us out of house and home.

I uploaded a picture of the new fruit trees, complete with their growing undergrowth of guilded beneficial plants. They ran the length of the green belt just below the trailer, which overlook the older growth fruit trees and the butterfly and bee meadow, which both Helen and Dayna are dreaming of building a log house in the middle of.

With the help of my mom we have harvested our first batch of garlic ever! What an amazing plant to grow! Mia and I spent the morning, scrubbing and trimming the sun dried bulbs and braiding them up. mmm they are delicious and so very rewarding to grow.

Dylan is working on finishing our new canoe, which was given to us by his last clients, as a damaged wreck, but he has re-glassed it, and is now adding fur details including new seats which I will be weaving with seat belts from our own private junk yard! We will be painting it kabota orange later next week, and we all really look forward to having a second canoe so we can more easily take guests exploring our favorite lake and riverways.

I have just packed us a little picnic, and we are off to the lake for a lazy friday afternoon of swimming and bonfiring… so until next time.