baby news!

Our farm had it’s first ever baby born 🙂 A sweet little single yellow chickie with feathered feet! (way to go Elvis)

Miss Madonna our chicken matriarch has been broody and set herself on about 16 eggs, and their she has sat day after day week after week, and Saturday morning I went in to check again how the eggs were coming along (having no idea exactly how long it has been.. or even how long the process takes).. when I heard a teeny tiny little peep (a now familiar sound after buying and raising 3 rounds of chicks)… when out from under the fluffed grey feathers popped a tiny little yellow head!

It has been wonderful to watch Madonna’s mothering skills kick in.. teaching the little one how to eat and drink and tucking her safely under her wing, it’s all been simply amazing.

We are however waiting on the rest to hatch… wondering just how vigourous Elvis has been. As we are new to all of this brooding and setting and hatching.. we will wait as long as Madonna does for the rest of the hopeful flock to crack into the world, and we’ll keep you all posted.

Other than that all is well!

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