Rest In Peace little Baron

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Poor little fellow ūüė¶

Our little homestead is in grieving today for the untimely death of our most charming mini bantom rooster.. yes that little guy with all the attitude and charisma who had become our little mascot, the little chicken who won the heart of every visitor we’ve ever had.

We have lost our share of chooks in this backwoods adventure, but this guy was about the most special bird I ever did meet. It looks like the neighbour puppy struck again, but other than one heck of a trail of feathers there is no way to know for sure. True to his nature, he fought very hard to the end.

We will really miss our little lone ranger the Red Baron.


yurt yurt yurt

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Yeah we have a yurt skeleton!

What an exciting weekend, after all these weeks and weeks of making yurt parts, moving earth, leveling ground, playing with foam blocks, and building decking.. it all came together over the past 3 days!

By 4:30 today we had lattice walls up, centre ring up and standing proud on top of all the roof rafters, complete with compression cable and lovely wood door… with two big pushes and the help of some good friends we are one giant step closer to my art studio / guest house!

The woodwork Dylan did is amazing! beautiful clear fir with lovely round overs, and snug custom pieces.

You can see in the image of the garden gates where the yurt sits cozied up to the back of the garden, which sits just below the new road, eventually I see the yurt as a part of the garden, rather than separated from it.

We have come a long way to get here and have a lot more to go before I am cozied up at my loom in a wood fire heated yarn yurt! Just wanted to share the joy

of our latest achievements, while we rush to beat the winter weather.


OH.. and check out the big fish I caught last weekend on our thanksgiving fishing trip!


giving thanks

We have been so busy this season…. I always forget in spring when I think it’s so busy planting, and planning.. how entirely crazy it is in the fall with harvest and getting ready for the snow!

Here is an except from my eating with SOLE blog entry today.. which about summarizes what has been keeping me oh so busy, while Dylan is working away at yurt parts (getting so close to yurt raising day), roof patching, road maintenance and target practice with the bow.. as the hunting season is upon us and Dylan is ready to bring home some meat, we even got a new deep freeze for just the occasion!

Tomorrow we are celebrating the harvest with a day away from the homestead for a trip up to arrow lake with some friends to fish dolly varden, along with some chanterelle mushroom picking, and a mineral hot spring soak!

giving thanks for abundance…

Along with the abundant joy and abundant fulfillment that comes with living and building our little farmstead on this stunning mountain side, in this magical valley… comes the abundance of harvest time. What a wonderful thing it is to be exhausted with putting up food. Good food, grown with love in my very own dutifully built soil… or from the overflow of abundance our friends are also sharing in. We are thankful to be in this place, in this pinnacle time, drowning in food that needs putting up.

In the last 3 days alone I have:

Shucked a mountain of dry beans, harvested nearly 1lb of dill seeds, harvested and passively dried dozens of kung pow hot peppers, in fear of the tomato blight I harvested everyone of my pounds and pounds of green tomatoes many of which are destine for a spicy green tomato salsa type relish to be canned today, we picked 3 enormous baskets of apples and pears which are drying into sweet snacking chips in a borrowed electric cadillac dryer, tonight I do both pear and apple butter batches too, I pulled blanched and froze a good little supply of purple carrots, I stowed away the last of the ancient Peruvian fingerling potato’s, I have bagged up the last of the passively dried bee balm leaves for earl grey tea, and the ancho chillies a precious few are also passively drying. I have fruit leather to make still at my daughters request (this will be shocking news to those of you who know her), and I want to dry a bunch more kale and some onion flakes from some of my wee little onions while I have the big food dryer here.

Whew!  To think this season alone (with the help of many many people I adore) I have :

canned and added to the pantry:

grape jelly, hibiscus jelly, strawberry jam, kung pow crab apple pepper jelly, smoked salmon, HP sauce, pickled carrots, dilly beans, dill pickles, & drunken apricot jam.

dried and stowed:

bushels of peppermint (or mosquito mint as I like to call it), bee balm, mullen, comfry, oregano, coriander, dill, basil, kale, peppers, peas and beans beans and more beans.

harvested and frozen:

fried chanterelle and shaggy main mushrooms, blanched carrots, beans beans and more beans, salmon steaks, dill, some roosters, strawberries, saskatoon berries, and huckleberries.

That my friends is a good amount of foraged and grown food all ready for the cold winter ahead.

no recipe today… just gratitude for the bounty of mother earth and the lessons we are learning in utilizing healing foods and giving back.”

wedding detour…

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We slipped away for a week back in Calgary amid building and harvesting and hauling firewood to celebrate (and Photograph) my baby cousin Adrienne’s wedding to her handsome boyfriend Kevin. They got married at the zoo under sunny crystal blue skies. It was a beautiful day, and it was lovely to visit and catch up with a whole bunch of our family (who we miss so very much).

I thought I would post a sneak peek of the wedding pictures (pre editing) for the new bride and groom to enjoy before they dash away for their South African honeymoon.

It was a delight to photograph them and I was happy to have the help of our friend Kelly to handle the trying job of photo assistant. Everyone was beautiful and I have never met a bridal party who are so close and so entirely supportive of their friend’s love and commitment, it was a real treat to see!

More building and harvesting news to follow from the homefront, as we get back into the swing of the fall… and the race to beat the snow. The yurt deck is mostly complete; our new chicken coop is half way there, as is Dylan‚Äôs improved shop roof.