wedding detour…

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We slipped away for a week back in Calgary amid building and harvesting and hauling firewood to celebrate (and Photograph) my baby cousin Adrienne’s wedding to her handsome boyfriend Kevin. They got married at the zoo under sunny crystal blue skies. It was a beautiful day, and it was lovely to visit and catch up with a whole bunch of our family (who we miss so very much).

I thought I would post a sneak peek of the wedding pictures (pre editing) for the new bride and groom to enjoy before they dash away for their South African honeymoon.

It was a delight to photograph them and I was happy to have the help of our friend Kelly to handle the trying job of photo assistant. Everyone was beautiful and I have never met a bridal party who are so close and so entirely supportive of their friend’s love and commitment, it was a real treat to see!

More building and harvesting news to follow from the homefront, as we get back into the swing of the fall… and the race to beat the snow. The yurt deck is mostly complete; our new chicken coop is half way there, as is Dylan’s improved shop roof.

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