Rest In Peace little Baron

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Poor little fellow 😦

Our little homestead is in grieving today for the untimely death of our most charming mini bantom rooster.. yes that little guy with all the attitude and charisma who had become our little mascot, the little chicken who won the heart of every visitor we’ve ever had.

We have lost our share of chooks in this backwoods adventure, but this guy was about the most special bird I ever did meet. It looks like the neighbour puppy struck again, but other than one heck of a trail of feathers there is no way to know for sure. True to his nature, he fought very hard to the end.

We will really miss our little lone ranger the Red Baron.


4 thoughts on “Rest In Peace little Baron

  1. Awe thanks Renata…

    I know you understand the loss of a favourite feathered friend 😦

    Our garden just isn’t the same without his spirited song and dance routines.


    • thanks ade…. It’s part of the whole farm life thing of course.. but this bird hit a little closer to home than any of the others we have lost, even Dyl was shaken up!

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