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We have been pushing to get the yurt ready and heated to host guests this week for two exciting events… nothing speeds up a building project like the words “honey I have invited some people over”

Last night was the virgin yurt party and I hosted members of the Slocal Valley Threads Guild, for a gab and jab. The space was AMAZING! It was warm and bright, welcoming and cozy, I think there were 13 gals (and one gentleman artist who was happily sketching our busy knitters) in all, and I realized how many more people we could easily and comfortably accommodate.

The yurt was heated in the nick of time (which seems to be our happy valley pace), the last pipe went in close to midnight the night before the big event, and we were so very toasty warm all night. I think my carpenter wanted to walk on this job, good thing he kept at it, as he made many many ladies happy last night.

I was so caught up in the buzz I failed to take pictures during our stitch and bitch, but I did snap a few before the guests arrived as the dogs and I enjoyed a lingering few moments of quiet and calm in my very own studio space. SPACE… what a concept. Moving from spacious heated homes in the city to cramped micro tin can dwelling in the bush has certainly left me needing some space of my own to stretch my achy cramping artistic wings in.

ahhh. It feels good.

I can’t wait for our first visitors to spend a night in the yurt 🙂

I am mid way through my birthday week and this weekend, we are hosting  “dessert in the yurt” in celebration of having space and being 33, with a dessert pot luck! Maybe I will remember my camera this time!

We are a custom ladder and a rail away from having the cozy sleeping loft competed. That and a final cinch up of the yurt tarps and Dylan won’t have to lay a finger in that space again … until spring that is when I can imagine a lovely wrapping deck and wheelchair ramp from the road to allow easy access for all of our friends and family.

* Look at the lovely custom roof cap! A solid fir pyramid with ample flooding natural light and a hinging access panel for a breathtaking view (and easy maintenance), It has even been keeping out the great deal of rain we have had over the past week, without shedding a drop.

What a talented guy I found! how luck am I?

3 thoughts on “all things yurt

  1. Looks awesome Shauna……so sad I missed the gab and jab. Was feeling under the weather. Hopefully you will host again some time : )
    Oh…. and Happy Bday!

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