simply stunning solstice wishes to all

We simply couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate the winter solstice on. The sky is huge and bright crisp blue, and although there is very little snow, it feels like a fresh winter day!

We wish all of our friends and families the happiest of seasonal celebrations. We miss you all so much, and we are sending our warm thoughts and wishes of joyful celebrations to everyone, as we will be hunkering down in the mountains this season, enjoying some quiet and cozy fun, sharing meals with friends and enjoying the outdoor ice rinks and groomed cross country ski trails… not enough snow for snowshoeing yet , but I am honestly not complaining!

We sacrificed a sweet little tree to be decked out in lights and felt, and decided to give our umbrella plant the year off of playing christmas tree! Miss Mia picked the tree and sawed lots of it, ¬†carried down the mountain, then carefully decorated it with sweet little needle felted fairies, she has been working hard at creating. Grandma shipped us our holiday stockings and old decorations which we haven’t seen for two years, so we all had nostalgic fun adorning our little tree.

Life has been pretty busy and sleepy all at the same time, what with darkness blanketing us as early as 4 pm these days . I have been knitting up a storm (learning to knit socks even!) and baking lots, eating from the pantry and still enjoying the bounty of our harvest. Dylan has been working two jobs back to back, and is looking forward to a major snow dump to hit the slopes with Mia. Mia is enjoying lazy days now that school is out, she is reading and crafting to no end. No rest for the wicked! We got the loom moved into the yurt a couple weeks ago and I am looking so forward to my first yurt weaving!

Our firewood is running low which will mean some more trips up the hillside for dead standing.. and a REAL effort for future wood stacks. I guess each year it will get easier, and maybe soon we will join the kootenay elite who do their firewood in Feburary for the following year.. that is once we have enough wood for the current year! Heating the yurt has also added to our wood heat needs so our piles of birch (remember the trailer killers?) are almost gone.

We are all healthy and happy and promise to post more in the new year, as we get garden expansion and food planning underway, and get ready to welcome our first WWOOfes in the spring! Dylan and I are working each night on house plans, and are pretty keen to use more shipping containers in the design, along with passive solar details, rain water collection, an attached green house and utilizing the trees we have on site. It will also be nice to finally get out composting toilet in action in the new house. Looks like we are in for a very busy building season ahead!

We have found many snowshoe hare tracks up mountain and maybe just maybe well have rabbit for some holiday meal, tonight for Solstice we are gouing to take the bows for a wonder up mountain and deck out the yurt in balls and holly, and cozy in for a sleep over, complete with a special festive meal.

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah