tales and tails

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I know lots of you think we are crazy living in the sticks on the side of this mountain, and mostly I think your all crazy for living in a concrete jungle … but the other night I had a stomach dropping few minutes of fear, walking in our forest, this though actually crossed my mind…  “Am I insane living here???… OMG there is a cougar killing something in my yard!!!”

Thats right… Dylan and I went for a forest stroll to enjoy the last little bit of light before the sun went down, we though we would check our “hare snare” when all of the sudden the dogs went quiet (from a crazed barking frenzie) long enough for us to hear, not 200 feet away a crazy loud BIG CAT hiss and snarl and yowl, followed by the cow like moans of some unfortunate deer (or the like) being eaten. More dogs, more hissing, more panic rising in me, picturing my faithful dogs on the menu as they were out of eye site and silent again, more yelping, moaning, hissing…. shit! time to get out of the bush… calling the dogs, heading down the mountain… do we get the gun? are the dogs dead? why is there a cougar in my yard??? all these things raced through my mind.

We had decided to spend the night in the yurt and had it well warmed up after a day of loom set up, and the forest was alive with the food chain in action. What a musical! My interpretation of what happened from the soundtrack went something like this… The dogs finally got the cougar off on his way after an hour or so, and that is when the murder of crows chimed in which invited a pack of howling yelping coyotes to the carcass. Poor dogs they worked for hours patrolling the cougar kill and mountain side, before they got to enjoy any of what was left. Dylan and I will venture out soon and see if the scavengers have left behind any antlers for his new hobby of knife making. I was so happy that Mia was at the local outdoor rink sating with friends, rather than in the bush with us. Oh the joys of living in a wildlife corridor in a scarcely inhabited wilderness area!

With all of that excitement I feel like the rest of what we have been up to seems far less thrilling…

Like I said I have been getting my first (solo) warp set up on my loom, and am looking forward to turning this basket of creamy recycled yarns into a warm and cozy throw!

I spent a few hours with my weaving mentor JC going over my design and having a set up refresher, then Mia gave me a hand winding the warp and my friend Renata came by to help me with my threading. It’s a big loom an a big job, so It was lovely to have so many eager helpers!

I can’t tell you enough just how much we have been loving this yurt space, as a family creative outlet, and our own cozy private home away from home. We spend probably 25% of our nights sleeping in the yurt and I am out there working and organizing as much as I can manage! It’s turning into a really lovely place to be.

We are looking forward to having Dylans Dad and brother out here in the next week or so, which will be great! We sure missed our family this holiday season, but we were happy we made the decision to stay home, as the road conditions just after Christmas were horrible in the passes with avalanches, and fatal collisions and crazy storms. whew, nice to forgo all of those stresses.

Still plugging away on garden and house plans, and trying to finalize designs for the worm bin system as well as the rabbit housing and how they will work together. We have also decided to do a run of turkeys in the spring.. and now I am thinking Bacon….?! hmm it would be easy to work a couple pigs into the mix here and have them do some ground work for me! Get the benefits of rotational grazing and play with curing meats!

Mia is back on the slopes with school and is trading in her ski’s for a snowboard this week! Lets hope she has better luck than I did with that sport!

We are drowning in eggs still so I am cooking lots with all the food I put up and as many eggs as I can muster into any meal. I am blogging lots on my food blog sharing yummy recipes for eating from the root cellar.

Must dash, the dishes are calling and the wood needs hauling.

Best to all,

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