epic snow in

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We have been drown in deep fluffy snow, and for the last  24 hours it has barely stopped… inches and inches have accumulated and finally after a really COLD week (the first one of the year) it is warm and wintery! I actually starting whistling Christmas songs this morning as I was ploughing through feet of snow in a virgin parking lot! Today is a lot like last winter… I guess I had forgotten the fun of big snow, and doughnuts in he snow!

Dave and Colin are here this week (Dyl’s Dad and Bro) and the boys have been hard at work building a hunting blind up in the forest, way way way up in some trees! It looks a little scary, but I am sure once it has railings and some camping chairs and a beer cooler it will be a great place to piss away a day. Dave tucked into the shovel today and carved out a path all the way down to the barn and his car, which was well buried. Thankfully they have delayed their departure due to the epic snow storm we have on hand. We have been catching up on our Settlers of Catan gaming, and  all this extra Fidler testosterone.

Colin was the first to carve out a snowboard track on our driveway ever… I think Dylan is envious that his bro thought it up first… Colin didn’t so much like the treck uphill but enjoyed the runs down both driveways. The dogs sure loved chasing him down!

Unfortunately and sadly as I was running down to snap a picture of him carving up the new road I notices a bunch of black feather on top of the crisp white snow… followed by the prompt departure of a beautiful bastard hawk, who murdered one of our “little blackie hens” (an amerucana) poor dear:(  I screeched at the hawk and it did a tricky tango with the deer netting before taking off… and while I sat in the coop with a loaded gun, I hoped and preyed his chicken buffet days were over and I am hopeful he was spooked enough between me and the fencing tangle to not return.. but tomorrow I will net the girls into their tiny snowed in winter space, and hope for the best.  Otherwise this moma bear is going to get mean.. because I am getting sick of loosing my food security, and I take a lost bird pretty seriously. I know Dylan thinks I am a little overboard but I have raised these chooks from babes and everyday I trudge out to make sure they are safe, and sound, warm and fed, loved and happy, I thankfully receive their beautiful rainbows of eggs each day and I count them as a commodity and blessing. These gals (and the cocks too) are a huge part of our food security and I’ll be damned if that hawk is going to dig in to my pantry!

Today’s snowy morning was the perfect time to FINALY finish my million hour socks! I am wearing and loving them, and was happily toasting my tootsies by the fire  before noon today. Thanks ever so much to my back road girlfriend Renata at the Red Snow Shoe, who gave me “some assemble required” hand knit socks for my Birthday! I think in actuality I spent about 40 hours total knitting these babies… and while I am eager to dress my toes in more hand knit wool sock.. I am not sure just how eager I am to knit more.. just at this moment, though like child birth I am sure I will forget the pain, and start another pair soon!

We just said good bye to our friends Rob & Michelle (and baby Rowan) from Verge Permaculture, who enjoyed our yarn yurt for a few nights on there travel though the Koot’s, a winter oasis from the crazy urban centre of Calgary. It was great to spend time visiting, cross country skiing, and dreaming up exciting futures!

I am offering an Introduction to Permaculture class, March 17th at the Slocan Valley Hall, through the SVRC and Rob Avis has been super supportive and helpful, as I prep for my first full day permaculture class! Thanks Rob for everything!

To Register or Inquire call: 250-226-0008

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