here comes the rain again…

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Falling on my head like a memory… I have been singing this all day long! Yes I am a child of the eighties, and yes I LOVE the Eurythmics, Actually yesterday I got to re-live my other 80’s love : rollerskating! We took Mia and 4 of her friends to the new roller rink, run by the local derby girls, and we had a BLAST on 8 wheels celebrating a decade of Mia’s life!

But more than my love for 80’s electronica, is my love for SPRING TIME. Just the other day (after my false hope a couple weeks ago) I found myself feeling like spring is actually upon us. Most of our road is muddy and the earth is showing through. On the side of the back road there is even grass visible. Our BBQ magically re-appeared this past week along with much of the picnic table! Then came the rain!We have had some epic albeit brief downpours exposing even more ground, and carrying away even more snow!

Exciting spring times ahead, and fitting that I busted out my soil blocker last week, I got my potting soil slurry mixed up and starting producing soil blocks. The grow rack came out, and the new grow lights, and the seed bank. I managed to plant about 120 starts, mainly tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and spinach, oh and some marigolds and sunflowers. I kept the seeds warm with the wood fire eco fan directed at the seed rack and a bubble wrap of space foil keeping the starts cozy for germination. I really enjoyed making the potting cubes and I am hopeful this technique and tool will help us grow more food, more successfully. I wish I had everything in hand for the past new moon, or that I would be home for the next new moon.. but alas my moon cycle planting will have to wait until April, and until then I will have my hands full keeping my new baby’s cozy and strong!

Dyl has been working tirelessly this week at clearing our house site which is perfectly situated above the new road overlooking the garden and yarn yurt. The space is ideally located as all the trees that need to come out are small cedars (perfect poles for more building projects) and the 2 large trees that had to go opened up a huge pocket of late afternoon sunlight to the existing and expanded garden, as well as the new house. The large hemlock that came down will be used in the house construction, and we have many many birch trees that are dying off ready to be chopped and stacked for next years firewood which also made way for the house. It feels so great to stand where our house will sit and take in the magical mountain top view. It is funny, there was a chair growing mossy back in the forest a little way from the trailer that we stumbled upon on our walks often, it sat in the middle of some trees facing nothing much, It always looked like a good thinking space, well now that chair as it turns out is smack dab in the middle of our future living room!

We picked up a small used 10×10 shed (one of those plastic canadian tire units), we would never buy new but seemed an ideal quick and perfect solution for our expanding food system. The shed will be the spanky and very urban looking chook haus, situated in a new happy chicken yard, cozied under a great stand of cedar trees to protect them from both predators from above and heavy snow and rain fall, it is also perfectly situated midway between the current house and our new house, it’s also NOT on a slippery muddy chicken poo slide of a death slope( like our current coop). The new chook site will solve all sorts of growing flock / access / drainage problems we didn’t foresee in our first site design (a clear example of why you should never build a first thought design). Luckily the old waddle and daub mud coop is the perfect expanded garden shed with some easy alterations. The problem with the new chicken space is that looming high above it was a MASSIVE birch tree, slowly dropping rotten limbs down (read as silent death from above, or trailer killers as we like to call them). The tree had to go, and it took a small miracle for Dylan and I to fall it without taking out the trailer or the garden gate, or the cold frame, all fairly important structures, IMHO. We synched and strapped and scoped out the fall, said a prayer to the great forest gods and mother gaia, and down she came, massive and textbook perfect in her landing. ‘Ahh sigh of relief. Falling those big trees always stresses me out, especially when Dyl is chain saw deep into a big ‘ol falling timber!

We finally pruned all of our old fruit tree’s this week too! And boy could you could feel the improvement and openness ¬†breathing from the trees, like having a much needed shave or hair cut.. you know the feeling!

So much TO DO and it’s amazing how much time seems to speed up as the season of doing is at hand. But while things are still snow covered I have two more rugs to weave on my 3 rug warp, all set up and calling to me. ¬†I am thrilled with the results of my first T-shirt rug, and can’t wait to play with some variations on the following two!

Mia is teaching a fairy needle felting (members day) workshop next week over spring break at the threads guild, and she is awfully excited to share her knowledge and techniques of this fun craft. We had a great time Saturday celebrating Mia’s champagne birthday, as she turned 10 on the 10th! She challenged me to create a hamburger shaped birthday cake this year, and I thought it turned out just as good as some of our past cakes!

We are looking forward to welcoming our first Permaculture Intern this week! His first tasks including peeling some of the cedar logs we took down, so we can start playing with new structures and new fencing!