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I am so very grateful today.

I am grateful for the sun back in our lives, for vitamin D and the warmth on our skin and plants. I am grateful for the renewal of energy we are all feeling and for health (again). I am grateful for the internship opportunity we opened ourselves up to the lessons we are learning, and the great enthusiasm that Phil is bringing to out little slice of mountain. I am grateful that our family is all on board with this whole crazy adventure, of living this more difficult yet more rewarding life. I am grateful for the new food bursting from the ground. I am grateful for the new tiny little lives beginning here. I am grateful for this special community we found.


THE FIRST BABY CHICKIE OF THE YEAR HATCHED TODAY! Not that I am counting my chickens before they hatch, I learned that the hard way last year (funny how applicable all of these old antics are these days, as we live here on and with the land)…  Madonna is still sitting on a nice little pile of eggs, so we’ll see if more hatch in the next day or two. I did the nesting mom thing today and cleaned the old coop up for her and the babies, picked up chickie feed and did a little baby proofing of the waddle and daub coop, where moma and babies can live in peace as the other birds are all in the new forest coop.

I managed to get the cold frame filled with greens, and the plants seems to stretch up toward the sun in gratitude for their new home. I enjoyed a few sunny warm hours in the garden today cleaning up beds, finding new surprise onions bursting from the earth, along with the 150+ garlic’s I planted in the fall all perky and bright green, reaching for the blue sky.

The guys we’re busy filling old tires with old plywood and old chicken wire along with a cement mix full of wood pulp fibres from our chipper. The old cement mixer fired right up after living in the garden all winter. The tires will be yurt footing, I think I already mentioned that. I have a vision of this second yurt being all things upcycled. I am dreaming of pallet furniture and maybe even a pallet board walk, we plan to repurpose an old satelight dish for the yurt cap. Hoping some of our interns will have some good waste stream diversion ideas to make their accommodations even better!

I have to say we are just loving having an extra pair of eager hands around here. Phil is keeping Dylan on track and working hard, projects are coming together rapidly. And I truly think this 2nd yurt will actually happen in the next couple weeks! How great is that?! This whole process is taking some getting used to; sharing space and time, responsibilities and obligations. I am having to keep Phil fed with hearty food at reasonable hours… trying to get a regular schedule together on the meal front. It is much easier to put off feeding the family at regular times, but when you have someone so diligently sweating it out fuel is super important! All things doable and manageable I am certain.

The garden plans seems so much more real these days now that I can see the earth again! The biggest food task will be turning the hill side above the existing garden (shown in slideshow, yurt in background garden fence posts on left, lots of tree bits and mulch piles, where food will grow soon). Grain crops this year will be barley and corn.. both in large volumes (large by our standards that is), I plan to do more buckwheat too, but likely just to enjoy as micro greens.. mmm missing those tender crunchy bits these days! Looking at adding keyhole gardens and hugelkultur beds in this area as we are drowing in wood chunks and brush looking for a new purpose.

One thought on “gratitude

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