foraging food + de-construction

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Something happened this week, about mid week… we noticed the saskatoon berries were ripe and the tree that formerly lived with the chooks was FLUSH with purple juicy berries… ever since then it has been a rolling stone of harvesting food… mosquito mint bog abundance led way to cat tail collection, cherry tree pillaging and strawberry swaps with neighbors. But let me step back just a little…

A couple weeks back we said good bye to “Our Croatians” 😦 and welcomed a couple young lads from Nova Scotia, Jordan (yes another Jordan, we’ll stick with Jord to keep things simple) and his friend Josh both have WWOOFed the world over and have found them selves on our sunny and insanely hot hill side. The guys jumped right into the swing of things here and have been in serious De-construction mode!  The old rotty shed has come to the ground, the roof on wood henge is finally complete, and all the weathering materials are undercover and “safe” from the elements, New building trees have come down and been peeled and the fire wood pile grows. That was a HUGE undertaking!

Jord has a keen interest in wild foraging and I am trying to keep up with him, the other day we were battling mosquitos in the wet dark bog, when he spotted some cat tails, I was elated at the idea of weaving baskets with them, and he was excited to share some good wild edible knowledge with me. We snacked on the tender crisp root of the plant, and later harvested some more mature cat tails, and seared them up with ginger and tamari for dinner! Yumm. Both Jord and Josh braved the 40 foot cherry trees to harvest a few big bags of sweet fruit and later we went to our friends to harvest 3 extremely large bowls of  sun warmed strawberries! I came home and the team went to work pitting and chopping and prepping for a major berry tart and syrup operation. I think we all OD’s on berries after a day of binging. We have been enjoying fabulously diverse salads with Jords daily salad bar collections including chickweed, strawberry leaf, dandelion greens, herbs of all sorts and of course the booming array of greens we are actually growing to eat!

The temperatures have soared this past week, and we have been seeking solace in the lake, sharing it’s beauty with our old and new interns as we finally for Kristina and Sinisa out in the canoe along with all the J-boys. Dylan’s Dad hung out for a week to see the completion of wood henge and his visited ended with a power boat fishing trip on the lake that saw us come home with 10 lovely fresh fish to share with friends.

Looking forward we need to get on the completion of our rabbit hutch as it seems finally Romeo has done the proverbial rabbit act and we are expecting a litter on August 1!

Lots of sweaty hard days behind us and ahead, with much needed jumps in the river and lake daily to keep us all sane!

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