getting ready for the snow

Everyday brings us one step closer to snow, and one step farther behind a growing “to-do before the snow” list!

The garden is put to bed, mulched and ready for a seasonal rest, the hoses are put away (for the first year ever), the hammocks are stowed, most of the firewood is undercover, seeds and herbs from the garden are drying and ready for more sorting, of which we have done so much of already! We managed to save so many seeds this year; barley, peas, mustard, cress, lettuce galore, carrot, parsnip, coriander, tomato, corn, leek, onion, & garlic! I have even managed to properly package and jar all my seeds, sorted into families and sealed tight for safe keeping from mice and frost. You’ll see this in the image above, my neat sorted and labled  jars, but if you look really close you’ll also see in the back right corner, what looks like a golden mowhawk is actually a huge rubber made bin living my my tiny living room, FULL of more seed and grain to thresh and stow. My main objective these days in trying to find root seller like pockets around the place to stow away roots and onions, and squash, pears and potatoes… oh and somewhere to stash the nearly 200 jars of food I have put up this year. That is a challenge in 600 uninsulated sq feet, let me tell you. Vertical itragration is key, that is when the roof isn’t leaking over your neat vertical stacks of cans (but that is another story).

Jordan’s yurt (aka the murt) has had a major winterizing: wrapped in foam and complete with wood stove and a great wood shed, he should stay cozy this winter! The guys are working hard each day, racing the snow to get things wrapped up on the various building fronts. Everyone here but me is looking forward to epic snow and days on the ski hill. I on the other-hand am eager for the crafting season to really get in full swing, my loom is calling, and I have another basket making class on the horizon I am looking forward too, my 3rd knit sock is nearing completion and one day it will have a mate.

The chooks have not been laying very many eggs at all, so we are off to a bad start and I am hoping we don’t have to put to many in the stew pot! On the rabbit front our pregnant doe was prematurely eaten by our resident gentle giant Odin, that was a long and sad story, but I am looking at Romeo these days thinking he might make a nice Birthday feast!

The Valley Permaculture Guild we are creating is having it’s first meeting next week, after our wonderfully successful 1st annual pickle palooza got the ball rolling. We are looking forward to planning seed swaps, perm blitz networks, and identifying the types of speaker and skill building workshops to host. Gathering with a group to share energies and idea around this self resilient life we are all creating is really exciting. Community is so very important.

Everyone on the homestead is happy and healthy (well relatively… the guys are achy and breaking their backs working so hard) I am swamped with wonderful creative projects and Mia is a happy herbalist /potter in the making! Life is grand living with the land.

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