pig in a day workshop

We are thrilled to be planning this exciting hands on butchery and charcuterie class next month in Vallican, with the help and support of The Vallican Whole Community Centre &

Our team at tricycle acres has contributed our happy not-so-little pig, as well as some culinary skills to compliment Ben the backroad butcher and his mad meat skills to bring you a tasty skill building day of butchery and curing.

FYI* the pigs will be killed and hung BEFORE the class, so there will be none of that happening during our pig day, we will be working with 4 hung sides of pork.

Questions and Registration can be made via email or by calling 250-226-7094

For an idea of the type of experience you might expect to enjoy this day check out our favorite UK small holder: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: of River Cottage and chef on the wild side: Follow this link to check out Hugh’s entire Pig-in-a-day movie. Or check out what our friends at shovel and fork in Northern Alberta are offering in there epic pig butchery workshops.

sunny starts

seed rack

We really ramped up our seed starting capabilities this year with this lovely new seedling rack, it holds 16 trays of 36 x soil blockers, which essentially doubled our indoor starts space. This new set up also features upgraded insulation for cold night, double the grow lights and with the addition of some light rope and reflectix foil we have made for a cozy germination shelf on the bottom!

Everyone came together on this design and implementation, and we are being rewarded with great germination rates and strong reaching sprouts! So far we have planted some cold hearty greens; orac spinach, rainbow chard, dinosaur kale, and my favorite asian green lettuce blend, along with 4 trays of onions. Next Saturday we will start the tomatoes and hot peppers. We have been following the biodynamic planting calendar, with our planting and pruning and are looking forward to getting into the moon rhythm a little more this season!

As the snow rapidly melts there is talk of our first compost pile of the season (flush with chicken coop spring cleaning abundance), and a quick brew of compost tea to welcome our new starts into our microbial rich soil conditions here. We have had two stunningly sunny days to wash away much of the snow, and our gardening anticipation grows as beds and and blooms are bursting from the snow.

Last week we welcomed our first intern of the season Dave, he comes to us from Australia by way of Victoria, and brings lots to the team as a fellow Permaculture Designer. We have got off to a running start and seem to accomplish so much with the extra hands and ideas! We have decided to host a core team of 3 interns this year who will all be here through to harvest, and there is talk of some market gardening! Right now the guys are building a loft in the Murt (man-yurt) so it can accommodate more than 1 bachelor for the season.

Speaking of hosting… remember of little friend bacon? Well he will be playing a key role in a Pig-in-a-Day workshop on Wed. April 17 at the Vallican Whole Community Center. Presented by the Valley Permaculture Guild  guided by our friend “the backroad butcher” the class will be lead  through the break down of a whole pig, and he and I will be working through the owful to create some delicious nose to tail treats for the day! More info on this event coming soon.

Smells like spring, with wafts of sizzling bacon and curing parma ham.

soil block starts

Slocan Valley Farm Opportunity #4 – Cedar Creek Farm


How does Heaven on Earth sound? we have a 10 acre organic farm in the heart of the Slocan Valley, Interior BC Canada. In addition to a market garden, we raise poultry (meat birds,layers, ducks, & turkeys), pigs, dairy goats & sheep. WWOOFER duties will be mostly focused on the 1/2 acre market garden. We have camping spots and a second house on the farm. Our ideal WWOOFER is self-motivated and nature loving. We expect workers to work 5 days a week, approx 5 hrs a day weather and project permitting. There is a full kitchen and bathroom available for use. Lunch will be provided on days you are working. Food will be provided for dinner. Sometimes dinner will be prepared and other times it will be up to the wwoofers to cook for themselves. You will need to prepare and provide your own breakfast and are responsible for all of your own dishes as well as contributing to general kitchen clean-up The mountains and waters of our region provide inspiration and recreation for your enjoyment. From fishing, canoeing, whitewater kayaking or just chillin at the beach, the lakes and river of our area are known to provide 1st class outdoor adventures. The mountains can be your playground as well, with hiking, rock climbing, hunting and mountain biking all easily accessible. If you want to learn about self-reliance and sustainability in the mountains, contact us for more info.

Spring projects:
Fence repairs, greenhouse bed prep and planting, seed starting, transplanting, garden planting, barn mucking, compost making, general spring clean-up, harvest over wintered carrots, clean and trim animal hoofs, raising chickens and turkeys, milking goats.

Early summer:
Compost tea brewing, weeding, transplanting, harvest and replant salad greens, fencing & cross-fencing, wild crafting/foraging, chicken tractor repair and use, turkey house construction, begin going to farmers market, milking goats.

Late summer:
Harvest, canning, drying, preserving, milking goats, farmers market, root cellaring, seed collecting, firewood/chainsaw skills, butchering chickens, turkeys, pigs & sheep, winterizing garden beds.


Slocan Valley Farm Opportunity # 3 – Gimli Farms


The Gimli Farm is a small homestead with a big garden and a small herd of dairy goats. We also have chickens, a horse and a very friendly dog.

A few years ago the two of us started with a 12 acre forest and big dreams. We live in a house under construction and accommodations are a little rustic; either in a big tent (with a bed) or in the house in an unfinished guestroom.

Most of our food is homegrown and homemade. We are not vegetarian but can accommodate those who are.

Help is needed in gardening, fencing, constructon, firewood, feeding and caring for the animals.

We are only a 5 minute walk to the Slocan River, where you can swim, canoe or just enjoy the tranquillity of the river and the wilderness.