sunny starts

seed rack

We really ramped up our seed starting capabilities this year with this lovely new seedling rack, it holds 16 trays of 36 x soil blockers, which essentially doubled our indoor starts space. This new set up also features upgraded insulation for cold night, double the grow lights and with the addition of some light rope and reflectix foil we have made for a cozy germination shelf on the bottom!

Everyone came together on this design and implementation, and we are being rewarded with great germination rates and strong reaching sprouts! So far we have planted some cold hearty greens; orac spinach, rainbow chard, dinosaur kale, and my favorite asian green lettuce blend, along with 4 trays of onions. Next Saturday we will start the tomatoes and hot peppers. We have been following the biodynamic planting calendar, with our planting and pruning and are looking forward to getting into the moon rhythm a little more this season!

As the snow rapidly melts there is talk of our first compost pile of the season (flush with chicken coop spring cleaning abundance), and a quick brew of compost tea to welcome our new starts into our microbial rich soil conditions here. We have had two stunningly sunny days to wash away much of the snow, and our gardening anticipation grows as beds and and blooms are bursting from the snow.

Last week we welcomed our first intern of the season Dave, he comes to us from Australia by way of Victoria, and brings lots to the team as a fellow Permaculture Designer. We have got off to a running start and seem to accomplish so much with the extra hands and ideas! We have decided to host a core team of 3 interns this year who will all be here through to harvest, and there is talk of some market gardening! Right now the guys are building a loft in the Murt (man-yurt) so it can accommodate more than 1 bachelor for the season.

Speaking of hosting… remember of little friend bacon? Well he will be playing a key role in a Pig-in-a-Day workshop on Wed. April 17 at the Vallican Whole Community Center. Presented by the Valley Permaculture Guild  guided by our friend “the backroad butcher” the class will be lead  through the break down of a whole pig, and he and I will be working through the owful to create some delicious nose to tail treats for the day! More info on this event coming soon.

Smells like spring, with wafts of sizzling bacon and curing parma ham.

soil block starts

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