Slocan Valley Farm Opportunity #5 – Appledale Farm

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We are a small organic farm with gardens, horses and chickens, seeking some creative folks, with positive energy to help out on the land.  Jobs include: gardening, fencing, infrastructure improvements (horse shelters, hay, garden sheds, cold frames,etc), compost improvements, livestock care, and all-jobs “farmy”, we would like to incorporate more permaculture and sustainable living techniques on the land and increase our efficiency.
Expect aprox. 25 hrs./week (in farm work in exchange for accomodations and some foods…this is very aproximate, as some seasons are busier than others and the more energy one invests, the more we have to offer)
What we have to offer:  a cute cabin fully equiped for comfortable living, a camper with all amenities, sauna, campsites, close to the river and bus route, great views and quality farm living in the valley, some organic meals and foods provided and facilities to do your own cooking with farm fresh ingredients, experience in all-things gardening, including experience in cultivating, wildcrafting and preparing herbal medicines, livestock care and general small-farm maintenance. 
We are seeking healthy-living folks with experience and knowledge in gardening, permaculture, handy-work/building, skills that may improve the farm.   
Contact Jane and Fred at 250-226-6863 or  email at with some info about yourself and your experience, when you are interested in being here, and any questions.

One thought on “Slocan Valley Farm Opportunity #5 – Appledale Farm

  1. Hello Jane & Fred,
    Shauna Teare replied to my post on this website and it was a arm welcome to your valley.

    Shauna further introduced you guys to me and suggested I write to you directly. I am in Panya PRI till the end of May and there is a possible designing opportunity by June end till end July in India, where I live. So, I can plan my travel from August onwards. In the event the designing opportunity doesn’t come through in June-July, I plant to travel earlier than August. Do email me and let me know your plans.
    I will revert to you as soon as I have my schedule firms up.
    Venkatesh Dharmraj.

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