epic rocket cob oven workshop

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This next workshop is going be be AMAZING:

JUNE 1 + 2 (weekend) here in Winlaw at tricycle acres :

2 days, 2 rocket stoves, 1 cob oven, 1  cob bench and a ton of foot stomping cob dancing!

First off, are you wondering what is a rocket stove?
A super efficient cooking stove fed with small diameter wood fuel that is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber with an insulated vertical chimney to ensures complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface. In short: Less Wood,Less Smoke, More Heat! We have always wanted to build a rocket stove, and when Bryce one of our instructors suggested we look into rocket ovens, we were over the moon! Same stunning cob oven we have been longing for, but with faster heating, less scorching and more happy living trees for the same wood fire oven dinning experience… YES PLEASE!

In this 2 day hands on workshop you will learn from three of our valleys own cob experts; Peggy Frith, Bryce Ehrecke, & Kelly Brown! They will share with us the artful cob dance and the joy of natural building techniques. Over the weekend we will be busy building: a traditional Quebec Style Earthen Oven (with a rocket twist) & a large cob bench with glass bottle details & 2 small rockets stoves.

A couple weeks after the workshop (when the oven is all dry) we will host a pizza party so that everyone can enjoy some rocket oven baked pie while relaxing on the cob bench in our abundant permaculture garden!

Cost is $80 for both days of instruction. Please bring a lunch and be ready to get MUDDY!

All of the great photos in this slideshow come from Kelly Brown our newest local cob teacher and fabulous photographer! Thanks Kelly for the great pictures to get us all in the mood for getting dirty next month.

REGISTER NOW, there is only room for a handful of folks for this epic rocket cob weekend!

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