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We are all pretty excited about the 20 000 sum new girls we are going to have a round here!

Our nuc of honeybees arrives on Sunday, sourced from a holistic bee keeper in Vernon, this Canadian born Queen and her entourage will be nice and cozy in the lux top bar hive Dyl has been building them. Isis and I have been taking in as much bee education and hands on opportunities to learn as we can, and with the support of 3 of our local girl friends who are all taking on bee’s this year too… I think we are going to make a great home for our team of pollinators!

Isis was so busy yesterday broadcasting flower seeds (following again the bio-dynamic calender) all over the place! It’s too bad our bees have already missed all the cherry, plum, apple, and all the other fruit tree blossoms and we had to pinch all the blueberry flowers… but there will be so many more blossom to come!

… Just a short and sweet update, more to follow.

2 thoughts on “honey-bee-busy

  1. Wow ! I started reading October 2009 and went through every one of the progress reports till I got to this one. You are truly an inspiration for every one of us. I am looking to sell my place here and move down in the area. Blewett road there is a place I am peaking at for now. Right now I am starting a PDC course with Geoff Lawton. I am totally up for it.
    Congratulations, on your tenacity, your skills, your love for the land, and for being so
    Generous and sharing it all with those of us needing a kick in the zzz.
    All the best to you and the gang on the mountain ! Hugz Paolo

    • Geez Paolo That is alot of reading!
      Thanks so much for your kind words, and Giddy Up, I sooo wanted to do Geoff’s online PDC, just a little too much on the go right now for that!

      Thanks for taking the time to find us and figure out what we are up to… and once you get to the Koots drop us a line.. Our Valley Permaculture Guild ROCKS! We are having a great time building a solid group of fabulous permie peeps out here.

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