Natural Cheesemaking 101


Learn to make cheese with David Asher of the Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking. David will demonstrate the techniques for making chevre, mozzarella,  paneer, yogourt cheese, kefir, alpine cheeses and mouldy cheeses. The workshop will emphasize a ‘natural cheesemaking’, with a focus on simple, DIY techniques that can be easily reproduced at home. David will also discuss the history and science of cheesemaking and the politics of raw milk.  Students will also get to take home their very own cheese-making pets!

David Asher is an organic farmer,  goatherd and farmstead cheesemaker on the gulf islands of British Columbia.  A guerrilla cheesemaker, David explores traditionally cultured, non-corporate methods of cheesemaking.  Though mostly self-taught, he picked up his cheese skills from various teachers, including a Brown Swiss cow named Sundae on Cortes Island.

Find more info about David and his delicious cheese at: guerrilacheese

Sunday September 1 at the Vallican Whole in the Slocan Valley

This workshop is $45, and space is limited. To register please email the valley permaculture guild or call 250-226-7402

This is part of our HOMESTEADING 101 essential skill Workshop series.


homesteading 101 workshop series

We are so excited to announce an upcoming series of HOMESTEADING 101 WORKSHOPS; These will start in August and continue through the winter. We are assembling a number of experts both from our own community and from afar to come and teach some serious homesteading skill building. The concept is to offer affordable education in rural homesteading skills.

Canning, cheese making, charcuterie, sourdough, fermenting, game butchery, on farm humane slaughter, poultry & rabbit processing just to name a few! If your an expect and would like to coordinate a workshop in this series please contact VPG (email below).

We will be kicking this off at at the end of August with a premium Artisan Cheese Workshop followed by a hot water bath canning class in September. Both of these will take place before PICKLE PALOOZA 2013, planning for that is underway too and tentatively happening late September.

If you are interested in: vending : volunteering ; or demoing at PICKLE PALOOZA please drop us a line directly at vpg (at)

STAY POSTED for more details about this new skill building series!