This is what is keeping me busy these days. FARMFOODFORK.COM


Malin & I along with the help of an AMAZING support team, have been working hard to bring our region some local food projects, Here is an overview of what we are planning:


Farm Food Fork is a food-focused gathering for hundreds of West Kootenay stakeholders: farmers, producers, retailers, chefs, consumers, advocates, food groups, policy makers, butchers, ranchers and beekeepers.

The West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op is undertaking a four-part project focused on strengthening and

supporting the local food movement. We are examining food issues specific to our region and creating events that encourage growth of West Kootenay food economies. We will be celebrating all of the work that has brought us to where we are now. This is a “call for action,” honoring the requests of countless agricultural reports and their authors.

Part 1| We are taking the pulse of our region’s food needs! Multiple FOOD HUB events are planned for the West Kootenay region over the next few months, hosted by various food-related groups. During a grand two-day event in Nelson in early April, speakers, workshops, and sessions will be customized to meet all the needs identified during this information gathering process. The Slocan Valley FOOD HUB DAY will be on February 23 from 11-2 @ the Vallican Whole.

Part 2| In April, FESTIVAL + FEAST will feature: the Lexicon of Sustainability art show, food films, education, local producers sampling Kootenay-made foods, speakers, workshops and a local seasonal feast in recognition of our food shed.

A true celebration of our local food system!

Part 3| FORUM + FEAST is our stakeholders’ event on the following day. This will be a solutions based, action-driven facilitated workshop. It will wrap up with a cash bursary, democratically awarded to various “ready for action” projects that address the needs of our community. All of the profits from the public event will go directly back into this bursary fund.

Part 4| In April, we are launching kootenayfood.com, an online directory of the West Kootenay food shed. This will be a user-friendly, visually appealing web resource that will put people in touch with food, inputs, events, workshops and the many groups working so hard to secure our region’s food futures. kootenayfood.com will give recognition to our farmers and producers. Those listed in the directory will find it easy to login, update, expand, and customize their own listing details, keeping kootenyfood.com fresh.

We value your experience, opinions, and ideas, which is why we have created an engaging way for you to share them with your community. Your participation in our events will help ensure that Farm Food Fork will best serve our community and will direct our future actions towards what is needed for the successful growth of the West Kootenay food system.

We will feed you excellent local food. We will engage you. We will inspire you. In return, we ask for a small contribution of your time and unique energy. We are looking for stakeholder participants, speakers, net-workers, and folks to help spread the word. The hope is that others within the community will be motivated to participate in our online surveys and celebrate local food with us.

Let’s build a resilient community together!

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