Bobcat Buffet Blues


We had a bit of a grim week here on the homestead. We lost a number of our lovely heritage hens to what I at first though was a owl… turns out it was a bobcat. I have my stealthy CSA-biology friends to thank for the lesson in prints and tracking. A very determined bobcat just kept coming back for more birds, our dog even got in on the action once the cat sent chooks scrambling every which way. Poor deers were in lock down for 2 days while their new home was prepared for them, we all got a taste of battery hen life for 48 hours, YUCK!.

Last month I almost threw in the towel on the chickens after another loosing battle between chicken and dog, and this I am afraid was the last straw, well actually the last straw might have been the water freezing up, and the straw that broke the camels back would be the bobcat. I feel so sad and personally responsible for each of their little lives, so losing bird after bird was just too much for me. Maybe I ought to stick to veggie farming! Thankfully our chickens have been re-farmed together, roosters and all, are living happily and safely down the way at One Rock Farm, where we can visit often.

Now that we are down 26 little critters up on here on the hillside it is so quiet. I am really sad to not have chicken for the first time in all of these year 😦 I miss my girls already.

I guess our little visitors will have to settle for a peek into the top bar hive windows to get their farm critter fix for the time being. It will be nice to regroup and consider some more hearty animals to potentially introduce to the homestead… or not. . But we are looking forward to new challenges and adventure for 2014!

We are close to rolling out our permaculture internship opportunities for the upcoming season, and I am thrilled to announce a stellar opportunity at my most favorite Organic Garden Market / CSA Farm around… Ravine Creek Farm! Stay turned, posting to follow!